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“Monthly Salary” Yui Aragaki’s 18-year-old tender photos exposed (Figure) | Aragaki Yui | Monthly Salary | Hoshino Gen | National Wife | Movie Hot Discussion

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“Moon Salary” Yui Aragaki celebrated her birthday on June 11. In order to thank the fans for their love, the agency also released a picture of her youthful 18-year-old. (Image source: aragakiyui_fanspage IG capture)

Called by netizens “National old womanJapanese actressYui Aragaki, Announced without warning last month that he cooperated with the male protagonist of “Salary of the Month”Hoshino GenThe news of Lightning Marriage shocked the entertainment industry and announced the marriageYui AragakiAlthough it hasn’t shown up yet, its popularity is still unabated. The news of flash marriage also set off Japanese urban legends, causing stocks to fall.

It is reported that June 11th happened to be Yui Aragaki’s 33rd birthday. Fans offered their blessings. In order to thank the fans for their care, the agency to which she belonged also released a special photo of Yui Aragaki when she was 18 years old. Although the pure appearance at the time was a bit baby fat and looked “clumsy”, it was still very cute.

The Japanese media “Friday” shared the youthful appearance of Yui Aragaki when he was 18 years old. In the photo, Yui Aragaki has long hair. Although he looks a little fat, his cute appearance still fascinates many fans.

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Yui Aragaki once said in an interview on the show that he had no intention of entering the entertainment industry: “Actually, my sister wanted to be a model, but because I was younger and taller, I was not holding The mentality of trying it out is like fulfilling the wish of a sister before trying.” As a result, she unexpectedly won the best award and became a model smoothly. The host asked her back at that time: “Now I can see Yui Aragaki here, it is the blessing of my sister!” Yui Aragaki replied: “You can say so.”

When Yui Aragaki first debuted, he had the record for the most number of covers of “nicola” models. In mid-2007, after graduating from Hinode High School, he did not go to school. He focused on the development of the performing arts circle. He took on three movies, “Love House”, “Running Boy”, and “Love in the Sky”, and TV series “Monthly Salary” and ” “Ace Barrister” is even more popular with fans, not only allowing her to climb to the top of her career, but also find a good relationship.

After the marriage, Yui Aragaki also announced that he would leave the original Japanese LesPros entertainment agency, saying that he would work together as a free artist in the entertainment industry. Now, fans are looking forward to seeing her as a wife to talk about how it feels to be a newlywed.

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