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Moonin Down – The Third Planet – Album Review

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Moonin Down – The Third Planet – Album Review

Moonin Down – The Third Planet
Origin: Italy
Release: 23.02.2024
Label: Argonauta Records
Duration: 35:57
Genre: Psychedelic / Stoner / Garage Rock

Not everything, but a lot of good things come from Italy. In addition to the eventful history and the ever-popular dolce vita, there is another reason to venture south of the Alps. Italy just produces cool bands.

Does the driving force for this lie in the contradiction between the dream of a sweet life and the hardships of everyday life? It is not possible to judge this exactly from a Central European perspective. But there must be this secret driving force that drives bands like this Moon’s Down creates and drives.

No drawer fits when everything flows

If you look at the band’s musical output, the reflection on past musical history is perhaps not so far-fetched. In any case, the trio plays a difficult to classify mixture of psychedelic rock, as well as simple garage and stoner rock. Everything is mixed with 1960s and 1970s elements. You will find an always active guitar, dreamy passages and feelings like from a distant time. The band never tries to force anything, but rather seems to be in perfect flow with themselves and their output.

One can only assume that it is the years of playing in other projects that enables the trio to deliver this quality with their debut. But the laurels have now been said enough. As an example of her work, one can look HERE the relaxed one Dark Sky listen.

A journey into the fog

The album The Third Planet is the start of a trilogy which, according to its own statement, will increasingly lead to the intoxication of the senses. In the band’s opinion, there will still be enough psychedelic scope in the future to illuminate the earth and all its problems from the outside.

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Moon’s Down leave nothing out. The opener Bones is quick and easy to get started. At first glance, the production for the rock genre doesn’t seem very fat from today’s perspective. But the trio consciously orients itself towards a simpler, honest sound. A lot of it just sounds like the 1960s, which speaks for the band’s preferences. Anyway, songs like that do Wheel and special Koli almost a kowtow to early heroes of the psychedelic guitar.

Colorful dots and the view from outside

Always sets Stefano Biagioni colorful dots with his guitar. The fact that he doesn’t outshine his colleagues and works without excessive heaviness speaks for his ability and experience. But in addition to rock from the garage, stoner and psychedelic areas Moon’s Down also the blues with him. They present it to us very emotionally and warmly Springtime and then at My Moonin’ Down. The blues always contains something sensitive and melancholic. Transporting exactly that Moon’s Down in a wonderful way and intersect it with seemingly improvised sequences.

Everyone who David Bowie knows, knows that this man really wasn’t from our world. His music and the films in which he appeared had all directions, shades and also reflected social contrasts. There are works with psychedelic passages, imaginative thoughts and a concrete, hard look at youth. Moon’s Down commemorate The Day that David Bowie Died the master. Did he really die? Maybe he just returned to his planet and is doing exactly the same thing, whatever Moon’s Down do: he takes a relaxed look at the third planet from the outside.

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Moonin Down has made an unusual but impressive debut. On The Third Planet, the trio spreads their ideas from retro, garage, stoner and blues rock on a psychedelic carpet. The fact that everything seems a bit out of date can only be due to the musicians’ many years of maturity. Unusually beautiful 8/10

Line Up
Stefano Biagioni – Gitarre, Gesang
Fabio Buda – Bass, Gesang
Alessio Tambellini – drums, vocals

01. Bones
02. Wheel
03. Dark Sky
04. The Third Planet
05. Koli
06. Springtime
07. My Moonin’ Down
08. The Day that David Bowie Died

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Instagram Moon’s Down

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