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Movie Group | Free movie viewing benefits are here, friends in Xiamen come here! _Zhu Yilong_Events_Subject

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Movie Group | Free movie viewing benefits are here, friends in Xiamen come here! _Zhu Yilong_Events_Subject

Original title: Movie Group | Free movie viewing benefits are here, friends in Xiamen come over!

Finally waiting for him!

Round head, floral shirt, gold necklace.

Is this… is it really the Zhu Yilong that the old girl is familiar with?

We only found out when we saw his new film.

He not only wants to bring the audience to know a brand new Zhu Yilong.

It is even more necessary to take everyone to look at it again, a major event that everyone is destined to experience.

About the beginning and end of life, reunion and parting——

“Life Events”

Rare subject matter in China, mortician.

He, who had been in prison, was disliked by his father, and “made a fortune”Mo Sanmei(played by Zhu Yilong)

She is the helpless child of her grandmother who diedTakeshi(played by Yang En again)

When he met her, was it the unfortunate one who met the little disaster star sent by the sky?

Or in a hopeless life, to regain the flame of life?

Life and death are familiar and unfamiliar to everyone.

The subject matter is so, the actors are so, and so is the behind-the-scenes lineup of the film.

In domestic films, there have been very few films related to funerals.

“Life Events” is supervised by Han Yan and directed by Liu Jiangjiang.Han Yan has been cultivating realistic themes for many years, “Get Out!In “Tumor Jun” and “Send You a Little Red Flower”, his deep understanding of life and death is hidden.

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Director and screenwriter Liu Jiangjiang said that the funeral theme related to growth and life and death is a seed buried in his heart for many years.

“My grandfather and uncle are carpenters and can also make coffins. As children, the feeling of funerals is lively, because there will be cultural performances at funerals, which is a kind of literary enlightenment for me.”

A major event in life is enough to make everyone feel that after a good farewell, it is a restart of life.

This story happened again in Wuhan.

It is a bright and hot Wuhan with fireworks rising, crayfish and hot dry noodles.

It is also in Wuhan beside the Yangtze River year after year, feeling the waves of life and death, waiting for the red sun to rise and usher in a new day in Wuhan.

Zhu Yilong, who is originally from Wuhan, speaks an authentic dialect, which makes “Life Events” more realistic.

“We still don’t know what death is.”

“But I believe that those who died are all in the sky, turning into stars to watch us, and hope we can live well.”

It will be released nationwide on June 24.

Let the power of “Life Events” heal you and warm me.

Ten o’clock viewing group recruitment

  • Watch the video: “Life Matters”
  • Movie theme: #heal you, warm me#
  • Sign-in time: June 23 (Thursday) 18:00-18:50
  • Screening time: June 23 (Thursday) 19:00-20:52
  • Post-screening communication time: 20:55—21:10
  • Cinema: Xiamen Wanda Cinema Huli Store
  • Address: Hall 4, 4th Floor, Wanda Plaza, No. 4666, Xianyue Road, Huli District
  • Registration method: scan the picture below, fill in the registration information as required and add: Hy1Wong will add you to the viewing group once approved
  • Deadline for registration: June 22 (Wednesday) at 12 noon
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(Scan the code to enter the applet to register for free viewing)

The following text is very important, please read it carefully!

If you pass the registration, it will be deemed to automatically agree to the following rules!


1. Scan the code to enter the applet “Register Now”, confirm the event information, fill in the registration form, and pay attention to the follow-up review information. 1 person 1 vote cannot be reported.

2. After registration, please add the assistant WeChat in time (WeChat ID: Hy1Wong), Ban Kao Pangpang will uniformly invite friends who have passed the review to join the movie viewing group of major events in life. Those who do not add WeChat or join the group the day before the event will be deemed to have given up the opportunity to watch the movie automatically.

3. After the movie viewing registration is approved, temporary cancellation will not be accepted!If you have to cancel, you need to contact the assistant one day in advance and submit a cancellation application in the applet. Please cherish everya movie ticket.

Notice: Adding a small assistant WeChat and entering the viewing group means that the registration is successful. The approval of the registration applet will be the only proof for your viewing and signing in!

Kind tips: All the friends who participated in the movie viewing activities on the spot must write high-quality praise, which may be used as a certificate for high-quality users in the next event.[爱心]Return to Sohu, see more


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