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Multi-type themes are fully blooming. Summer episodes are very lively

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 Original title: Multi-genre themes are in full bloom, summer episodes are very lively

In the first half of this year’s summer vacation, the drama market ushered in a concentrated explosion of the three major types of urban, suspense, and ancient costumes. In the twinkling of an eye, halfway through the summer, stepping into the second half of the summer on the screen, the drama market is even more lively. “Dream Blue Sky”, “I’m Very Good in a Foreign Country”, “Dear Parents”, “Sweeping the Dark Storm”, “Ideal City”, “Children of the Qiao Family” and many other new dramas that reflect the times and reflect reality have appeared one after another. The audience provided a variety of options for watching the show.

On the whole, this year’s summer episodes have various types and themes, which have changed the past phenomenon of sweet pets and ancient costumes. Realistic works are eye-catching. According to Yan Wei, deputy director of the editorial department of the China Television Arts Committee, “some homogenous, superficial, and routine drama series are driving up and down in the viewing market, indicating that the audience’s aesthetic is changing.”

  Realistic creation leads

  Repeated polishing to improve quality

In the summer drama market this year, the creation of realistic themes is still the mainstream. From the perspectives of subject matter, story, and conception, works such as “Chasing the Blue Sky” and “Sweeping the Dark Storm” are all representative.

“Sweeping Black Storm” tells the story of the central government’s anti-crime and evil supervision team stationed in Luteng City, Zhongjiang Province, leading a series of incidents, and finally, with the efforts of various parties, the successful capture of the evil forces and the “protective umbrella”. On the basis of suspenseful investigation, “Sweeping Black Storm” highlights the special theme of “sweeping black”. A large number of real case materials make the plot vivid and shocking. In the play, a series of true and slightly obscure narrations reflect the difficulties in advancing the work of eradicating criminals and evils in reality, and demonstrate the determination and courage of the central authorities to crack down on criminals and evil forces. At the end of the story, offenders are severely punished in accordance with the law, which is very pleasant. The play strongly promoted fairness, justice and the true feelings of society.

The TV series “Chasing the Blue Sky”, which is also born out of real historical stories, tells the story of three generations of four families who went on to join the aviation industry construction, self-reliant and hard work, and finally let the “Made in China” aircraft soar in the blue sky of the motherland. From scratch, from weak to strong, the art of Chasing the Blue Sky of Dreams reproduces the magnificent development of the new China’s aviation industry in the past 70 years, and extols the precious spirit of Chinese aviation people who advance through difficulties and loyalty and dedication. The “Great Power Weapon” that appeared one by one in the play-J5, H6, JH7, Air Police 500, Yun 20 and other key models are magnificent, inspiring the patriotic enthusiasm of the audience and fully demonstrating the sense of national pride and national pride. A sense of accomplishment. Li Yunliang, director of “Chasing the Blue Sky” said: “The’Heavy Weapon of the Country, Forged by Life’ comes from decades of refinement of the ideological essence of Chinese military workers. No matter what period, no matter what difficulties they encounter, military workers have completed the country and the people. The task given to them.”

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Under the guidance of realistic creation, reality-themed TV drama works are still the protagonists in this year’s summer archives. Starting from real life, these works truly show the changes of individuals, groups and society with artistic brushwork, arouse the resonance and empathy of the audience, and have strong contemporary value and practical significance.

  Female subjects are still hot

  Creation should avoid excessive consumption of women

Female themes have always attracted the attention of the audience. This year’s summer archives, “I’m Very Good in Another Country,” and “Ideal City” and other dramas relayed, continue to portray female groups from the perspective of women, and discuss women’s workplaces and families. , Emotional confusion and transformation.

With the construction industry as the background, “Ideal City”, which integrates the two propositions of “female stories” and “promotion in the workplace”, ranks among the best in ratings. The show draws on the struggle experience of Su Xiao, a girl in Shanghai drifting, to portray the various forms of life in the workplace. The truth about the workplace. As a female-perspective workplace drama, from the setting, character setting to the storyline, the drama shows a “down to earth” and “lifestyle” workplace style. In a series of long dramas, there are only 12 episodes of “I’m Very Good In A Foreign Country”, and the audience’s voice is louder. The play tells the story of four girls wandering in the city, experiencing various tests in their lives, careers, and feelings. According to Li Xin, a graduate student of the School of Drama, Film and Television of Communication University of China, “The series faithfully restores the life of young urban residents in a foreign country, and is a true depiction of the characters’ survival anxiety, emotional dilemma, and struggle ideals, which strikes the audience’s heart.” However, with the contemporary urban life of women as the background, “Northern Ruins”, which aims to present the struggling posture and beautiful friendship of real urban women in life, is full of suspension in both character settings and details. The ungrounded content and stereotyped perceptions of urban women’s life, such as “full screen luxury houses, luxury cars, and high-end restaurants”, were criticized by the audience.

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Although female-themed film and television dramas are in full bloom, excessive topic consumption and suspended realistic portrayal have caused female themes to fall into homogenization and controversy. “It’s difficult to mobilize the audience’s appetites and satisfy the diverse scrutiny of public opinion.” said routinely characterized and topical stories,” said Bian Yunlu, a young teacher at Shandong Normal University. , Profound female life issues, but also to enter the real life, portray the feminine group with the style of the times, and convey the value and power of women with realism.”

  IP adaptation should get rid of routines

  Inheriting cultural value in innovation

This year’s summer episodes, classic IP adaptations still occupy a place. Based on the story of the popular novel of the same name, “List of Treasures of the Antiquities Bureau in the Game” has a new style based on the stories of the previous two seasons. As the sixth film and television adaptation of Jin Yong’s classic martial arts novel “The Eight Parts of the Dragon”, the new version of “The Eight Parts of the Dragon” also shows a certain new atmosphere. Based on the novel of the same name, “You Are My Glory” combines pop culture with the spirit of spaceflight, allowing the audience to feel the power of technology in fashion.

“The List of Treasures of the Antiquities Bureau” uses “national treasures” as the narrative medium, with a strong historical color, but in the presentation form, the creators boldly add current popular elements, such as Beijing accent rap, hot-blooded comics, punk modeling, Step on some background music, etc., to make this historical suspense drama full of tide.

It is also an IP adaptation of the novel, and the new version of “Dragon Babu” focuses on the content and digs into the two propositions of the original “chivalry” and “emotion”. Judging from the feedback of several episodes currently broadcast, it seems that it is still difficult to escape the fate of “remake and destroy the classics”. Except for a small number of viewers who think the show is still available, most viewers do not buy into this adaptation. Although the audience’s comments are mixed, the creators are still seeking innovation in their creations, presenting the traditional martial arts arena with new visual effects in recent years, realizing the creative collision between classics and technology. Yu Rongguang, director of the new version of “The Eight Parts of the Dragon” said: “The martial arts in the traditional Chinese martial arts culture is based on the infinite imagination of the human body’s own potential. The martial arts of Chinese aesthetics.”

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“You are My Glory” depicts the love story and shows the scientific research personnel’s life style, work pressure and family problems, etc., which are more objective and realistic, and are well received by the audience. According to the critic Wang Jing, “There are still areas that can be improved in the play. For example, the protagonist Yu Tu’s setting is somewhat romantic and fanciful, and the storytelling of the workplace is slightly thin.”

In the view of Wen Weihua, associate professor of the School of Language and Communication at Beijing Jiaotong University, “IP adaptation should get rid of routines and inherit cultural value in innovation, especially combining the aesthetic preferences of current young audiences to interpret and present the intrinsic value of Chinese culture. Sublimation of the ideological depth and connotation of the times of the works, in order to touch more young audiences, and further promote the spread of IP-based film and television works”.

The summer vacation is coming to an end, but the popularity of summer episodes continues. Looking at some of the drama works that won applause from the audience during the summer vacation, we can see that they have accurately selected the topic and told the story in their creation. They also fully explored the spiritual and cultural connotations of the works, which not only met the entertainment needs of the audience during the summer vacation. , It also allows the audience to absorb nourishment in the process of watching the drama. (Reporter Niu Mengdi)


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