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Nacho, Julieta or Marcos, for the final prize

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Nacho, Julieta or Marcos, for the final prize

After five months of strategies and full of moments that kept viewers expectant, it will finally be known this Monday if Marcos Ginocchio, Julieta Poggio or “Nacho” Castañares, is the winning participant of Big Brother 2022.

It is expected that at midnight, the driver Santiago del Moro will reveal the name of the contestant who will be established in this edition.

Also, registrations are now open to apply to be part of the 2023 season.

On Tuesday, it will be the last program, and it was known that Santiago del Moro will not be there.

According to the polls, Marcos is the favourite, although this remains to be seen if it is later confirmed with the public vote.

At the start of the final gala, each participant said a few words for their audience,

How to vote in the final of Big Brother

To vote in the big brother ending you must send a SMS with the word GH to 9009 and then add the name of the participant. This time the vote is positiveunlike previous galas in which they voted in the negative.

Other voting option is by scanning the QR code that appears on the screen and page of Telefe.

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