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Naples, the summer of Contemporanea – the Republic

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Naples’ passion for contemporary art is not a new thing and it is not just a matter of passion, but of ties, exhibitions, skills of people and artists who, in fact, have left various signs in the cultural history of the Neapolitan city. The memory goes back to the seventies and eighties and to names such as that of the gallery owner Lucio Amelio and the artist Andy Wharol who, precisely to Vesuvius, dedicated one of his famous pop works in 1985, now on display in the third floor of the Capodimonte Museum where the contemporary section reopens from 14 July. The collection boasts over 90 masterpieces, from Burri to Pistoletto, passing through Merz: a collection that used to be visited by appointment only, now, however, accessible with admission from 8.30 to 19.30. It will also be possible to visit it using the new Artecard which unites in a single circuit exhibition venues of Naples and Caserta.


The reopening of the Capodimonte museum to the contemporary is in line with the Neapolitan city’s never dormant sensitivity towards the arts of our times. Just read the news of these days. The artist Rosaria Roxy Bosso – Roxy in the box – who for years has been carrying out her unmistakable work on figures and icons of our times, in recent weeks has also aroused the attention of stylists Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (in Naples for the parade that marked the thirty years of D&G activity) who admired, together with the whole city, his colorful works on the walls of vico dei Maiorani and surroundings.

Contemporary art in Naples is also found in the National Archaeological Museum. Also in this case, in addition to being able to admire the collections of ancient art, temporary exhibitions of names of our times are scheduled, such as “Codex” by Antonio Biasiucci (1961), curated by Gianluca Riccio, promoted by the Banco di Napoli Foundation at of the cultural project Cartastorie, and “Pontifex Maximus” by the Russian artist Alexey Morosov (1974), promoted by the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and curated by Kristina Krasnyanskaya and Alessandro Romanini. Morosov’s solo show collects thirty works and is It was conceived specifically for the archaeological museum, referring to classical iconography and reworking it in a contemporary way, so current that in one of the classical style statues, made of marble or bronze cast in Piatrasanta, a smartphone also appears.

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