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National Opera ‘Azalea’: A Revolutionary Masterpiece with a Banqiang Arias Highlight

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National Opera “Azalea”: Twinkling in the “Sparkling Red Star”

Author: Wang Jingyi (Dean of the School of Arts, Zhejiang Normal University)

The original national opera “Azalea” has been gaining attention for its adaptation from Li Xintian’s novel “Sparkling Red Star”. The opera, composed by Zhang Qianyi with a screenplay by Yu Rongjun, takes the audience back to the Central Soviet Area after the strategic shift of the Red Army’s Long March in 1934. It showcases the indomitable fighting spirit of the soldiers and civilians in the Soviet Area under the leadership of the Party against the Kuomintang reactionaries. The work focuses on family affection and vividly expresses the love between mother and child, becoming a “tear point” that catches people’s hearts and allows the audience to feel the artistic charm of literary and artistic works with revolutionary historical themes in the familiar red melody.

“Azalea” is an opera with eight scenes, preceded by an overture and followed by an epilogue. The opera has a total of 20 pieces of music, including solos, duets, choruses and instrumental sections. Composer Zhang Qianyi successfully kneaded different types of music materials together, forming a strong musical drama tension and demonstrating his ability to control dramatic music.

An 8-minute-long banqiang structure aria in the play has become a highlight of the opera. It showcases the noble character of a communist warrior and a revolutionary hero who is willing to die for the cause. The success of this opera’s music is also reflected in the appropriate portrayal of the characters, with various arias depicting the optimistic and cheerful spirit of the revolutionary warriors.

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Creating an excellent opera requires not only an excellent composer, but also a good screenwriter, a good director, a production team, and a good production organization. The cast team of the national opera “Azalea” is very powerful, with experienced and skilled vocalists and stage performers.

The national opera “Azalea” is another national opera with revolutionary historical themes launched in the new era. It not only reflects the strong contemporary characteristics but also firmly chooses banqiang arias, bringing the relationship between national operas and Chinese operas closer in the latest achievement of the innovative development of Chinese national opera in the new era.

This original news article was authored by Wang Jingyi, the Dean of the School of Arts at Zhejiang Normal University.

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