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National Rhythm: A Passion-Filled Concert at Hangzhou Grand Theater

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Hangzhou Grand Theater hosts “National Rhythm” concert

Last night at the Hangzhou Grand Theater, a spectacular concert filled with passion and fun took place. The concert, titled “National Rhythm,” featured compositions by teachers from the Composition Department of the China Conservatory of Music.

The event was hosted by the China Conservatory of Music and the Hangzhou Philharmonic Orchestra, and was also supported by the China Symphony Development Foundation and the China Symphony Season Art Center. It was included in the Review of the Century of Chinese Symphony and the Eighth China Symphony Season National Exhibition.

The concert opened with Xie Wenhui’s “Drums and Music,” inspired by the Qiankun Bay of the Nine-Meander Yellow River. The orchestra created a passionate momentum in the rapid switching of scenes. Liu Qing’s “Nanyin Caprice” used the tune material of Fujian Nanyin’s “Walking Horse” and vividly conveyed the unique and interesting style characteristics of Nanyin. Shang Peilei’s “Eight Immortals” vividly portrayed the colorful characters and characteristics of the eight immortals through five movements.

The concert also featured performances by guqin player Zhong Zhiyue and soprano Guo Chengcheng, and included a pipa performance of Liu Zongyuan’s poem “Jiang Snow” presented in the rhyme style of Peking Opera.

The finale of the concert was the Banhu Concerto “Lion Tower” composed by Hu Tingjiang, which brought a powerful ending to the evening.

Attendees were impressed by the diversity and creativity of the performances. One audience member exclaimed, “I didn’t expect that the teacher of the composition department would be crouching tiger, hidden dragon!” Another said, “The Lion House shocked me in the end.”

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The concert was truly a “fresh” and engaging experience for all who attended, showcasing the talent and creativity of the composers and performers.

Source: Metropolis Express
Author: Reporter Gao Huarong
Editor: Gao Tingting

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