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Netflix Series ‘Griselda’: The Untold Story of the Cocaine Queen and Her Children

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Netflix Series ‘Griselda’: The Untold Story of the Cocaine Queen and Her Children

The new Netflix series, ‘Griselda’, starring Sofía Vergara, shows a little of the life of Griselda Blanco, one of the most powerful and dangerous drug traffickers in the history of Colombia. This production has made several people want to know more about her life and what she spent with her four children: Uber Trujillo, Osvaldo Trujillo, Dixon Trujillo and Michael Corleone Blanco. Unfortunately, only Michael Corleone Blanco, her youngest son, is still alive, as Uber, Osvaldo, and Dixon were murdered in different circumstances.

According to media reports, ‘The Black Widow’ had planned for his son to follow in her footsteps in the world of drug trafficking, but his father wanted Michael Corleone to have a normal and peaceful life. This led him to return to his native Colombia to stay away from illegal businesses. However, his father was shot by two individuals dressed as police officers, and although this information was never confirmed, it was thought that Griselda Blanco had ordered his murder as retaliation for taking the child.

Michael, in an interview with ‘Al Rojo Vivo,’ revealed that his mother was very strict and affectionate with him. From a very young age he had to see the crimes and murders that Griselda Blanco planned, which has had a lasting impact on his life.

At the age of 33, Michael Corleone followed in his mother’s footsteps but was caught by the police and had to spend time in prison. Currently, he is married to a woman named Marie, with whom he has three children and has distanced himself from illicit businesses. Michael has created his own clothing brand, Pure Blanco, to keep his mother’s memory alive. Additionally, he runs a cannabis company called Blanco Family Fincas & Packaging Co and has had the opportunity to participate in different reality shows in the United States that showcase the lives of children of notorious drug traffickers.

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