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Netflix’s original series “Hellbound” officially released | HYPEBEAST

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Netflix’s latest Korean original series “Hellbound” was first publicly announced at the end of September, and it immediately attracted a lot of attention. The poster in late October once again caught the appetite of movie fans, and after waiting for a long time, it finally ushered in the official release earlier. The plot describes the sudden supernatural dominance of the world. After the angels prophesied the death of the person involved, the “Hell ambassador” appeared on time to be executed. The corresponding mysterious religious organization “New Truth Society” continued to promote its ideas, and the chaos increased again. .

This drama is directed by Yeon Sang Ho of “The Speed ​​Train” and recruits Liu Yaren, Park Jung Min and Kim Hyun Joo to star in TV producers seeking the truth about religion and lawyers from the anti-religious and religious organization “Arrow”. The first season has 6 episodes. The film length falls between 48 and 60 minutes. Whether it can create a new wave of Korean dramas after “Squid Game” is quite exciting. Interested readers may wish to take the time to watch it.

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