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Nominated films of the 2nd Shaanxi Film Awards announced

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Nominated films of the 2nd Shaanxi Film Awards announced

2021-08-17 17:52:49Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The reporter learned from the Shaanxi Filmmakers Association yesterday that the nominated films for the second Shaanxi Film Awards were officially announced.

Aimed at supporting and rewarding fine film art with social significance and influence, rooting Shaanxi regional culture in film and television works, creating new types, new film styles, and new art-Shaanxi Film Awards are approved by the Propaganda Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Party of China. Sponsored by Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Literary and Art Circles and undertaken by Shaanxi Filmmakers Association, the province’s only comprehensive film category award. It includes 8 sub-items: best feature film, best small and medium cost feature film, best children’s film, best documentary film, best opera film, best screenwriter, best director, best directorial debut.

It is understood that this year’s Shaanxi Film Awards received a total of 53 participating works. The entries are diverse in themes and creative. There are films that actively reflect historical events, eulogize the true feelings of the world, shape a beautiful heart, and pursue a happy life, and also have films that see the big in the small, from the trivial things of mortals, the taste of life, and the countryside. The truth, goodness and beauty are found everywhere, good works praised by the times and the people. After rigorous review and careful selection by expert judges, “Swimming the Heart”, “Liu Qing” and “Ma Xiwu Case” were nominated for the best feature film of this year’s film awards, and “Rattle Drums”, “Fengxiang 1949” and “Old Wall” won Nominated for Best Small and Medium Cost Feature Film, “Crazy Bullring” and “Fantasy Forest Kid” nominated for Best Children’s Film, “Rhubarb Family” and “Bookmaker” nominated for Best Documentary Film, “Wind Blowing Wheat Wave” and “Qinling” “Blooming Flowers” and “Song Express” were nominated for Best Screenplay, “Rattle Drums”, “Liu Qing” and “Advance to North Latitude 33.1°” were nominated for best directors, “Swimming the Heart”, “Old Wall” and “Flying Without Wings” were nominated for Best Director. Nominated for best directorial debut.

(Xi’an Newspaper Industry Media Reporter Sun Huan and intern Yuan Yihan)


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