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Pukkelpop 2024: that’s how expensive the tickets and beers are this year (Hasselt)

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From Saturday March 2 at 11 am you can get a ticket for Pukkelpop via tickets.pukkelpop.be. Prices are also rising this year. A combination ticket costs 279 euros this year. Last year that was 265 euros, a difference of 14 euros. In 2022 you still paid 245 euros.

It is not only the combination tickets that are becoming more expensive. You pay 125 euros for a day ticket for next summer’s edition. In 2022 that was 115 euros, last year 119 euros. Just like last year, anyone who is at least 18 years old and has a credit card can opt for a payment spread in three installments. This is possible until April 30. Both the day ticket and the combination ticket include a free download code for a train ticket.

The prices for the campsite are also known. There are two options: Camping Chill, directly opposite the festival meadow, for 35 euros (1 euro more compared to last year) and Camping Relax, diagonally opposite the meadow, for 25 euros (10 euros more than last year). At Camping Chill you can reserve a 2- or 4-person tent in advance, including an inflated mattress.

© Boumediene Belbachir

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Drinks vouchers not more expensive

From Saturday you can also buy food and drink vouchers. They cost the same as last year. Anyone who orders before July 31 will pay a cheaper rate. For 65 euros you get 20 vouchers. During the festival you will again pay 3.50 euros for a beer.

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© Karel Hemerijckx

Ecocoins in exchange for cups

From now on, you will be required to drink such a pint on the meadow in Kiewit from sustainable cups. Last year, some major festivals were granted an exception to the use of these types of cups due to the major organizational challenge of collecting them again. From this year onwards, the major festivals must also participate. When you scan your festival ticket, you will receive two free eco-coins (one spare, in case things get a bit too much and you start losing things). In exchange for a drinks voucher and eco-coin, you will be served your drink in a sustainable cup, a recyclable can or a bottle. You can hand in empty cups, bottles or cans at a drinks stand, a Cup & Co Exchange or to a mobile eco-team.

The eco-coins are made by B4Plastics, a company from Dilsen-Stokkem. There is a QR code on the coins that explains how the system works.

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© ID/ Alex Vanhee

Nine new names

Pukkelpop also releases nine new names. For Friday these are the French DJ Folamour, Bad Nerves, Blondshell and Sylvie Kreusch. New on Saturday are Solomun, Barry Can’t Swim, Hudson Mohawke B2B Nikki Nair, Nation Of Language and YĪN YĪN. And finally on Sunday it will be the addition of Fat Dog, Motionless In White, Patrick Mason and Yussef Dayes.

Sylvie Kreusch — © Maarten De Bouw

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