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Qualimed expands abroad with Desio colored contact lenses

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Qualimed expands abroad with Desio colored contact lenses

Qualimed is an Italian company founded by a group of professionals who have been working in the contactology sector for over 30 years. In 2011 she created Desio, a brand of colored contact lenses of which she is the exclusive licensee. It is a registered trademark in over 150 countries around the world: it is present in Europe, South America, the Middle East and the USA and includes about thirty different colors and daily, monthly and quarterly lenses, both in “plano” and diopter versions.

This year the company inaugurates the new headquarters equipped with cutting-edge production technologies with strong investments in the production area and in the instruments for controlling the optical power and geometry of the lenses. Further investments will also be made in R&D for the creation of new geometries, new colors and new materials. The company objectives are also aimed at certifying all products according to the new European MDR regulation by 2023.

The company’s latest innovation are the three-tone daily contact lenses from the Attitude collection: the lens pattern, obtained by faithfully recreating the pigmentation
natural eye, is inspired by the central heterochromia, condition of the iris
characterized by the presence of a central circle of a different color compared to the external color. In these lenses, the full color at the ends delicately fades to man
as you approach the pupillary foramen, giving intensity and naturalness to the
gaze. The lens can thus change the original color of the iris, even in the case of very dark eyes, with a realistic and natural result.

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«Attitude, since its launch on the market, has represented a real turning point in the world of colored contact lenses – explains Tereza Uhrova, CEO & founder of Desio -. this type of colored lens is easy to apply, extremely comfortable to wear even for several hours and is well tolerated even by sensitive eyes. The success obtained with the quarterly version, one of our best-sellers, led us to create Attitude in 3 tones also in the daily version: a perfect solution for those who want to change color often, for those who approach this type of product for the first time. time, for those who wear colored lenses only on certain occasions ».

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