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Rebecca Ferguson Calls Out Rude Co-Star on Set: The Mystery Revealed?

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Rebecca Ferguson Calls Out Rude Co-Star on Set: The Mystery Revealed?

Rebecca Ferguson exposes a film star for the rude attitude he had on a shoot that made her cry.

In the midst of promoting Dune: Part Two, Rebecca Ferguson has launched a guessing game. A game that probably has a Hollywood star fearing someone will end up cracking it. And after spending more than a decade rubbing shoulders with some of the most prominent performers in his industry, The Swedish actress has had no qualms when it comes to exposing a story that does not leave one of them in a good light. But… who is it?

The actress who returns to play the role of Jessica in the magnanimous work of Denis Villeneuve (the mother of Timothée Chalamet’s character), revealed in the podcast Reign with Josh Smith that a former colleague (or partner, the gender is not clear) “yelled” at her and treated her with so much contempt that she ended up leaving the set in tears without anyone on the team doing anything to help her.

Ferguson was talking about his character’s voice (which imposes a powerful, raspy tone when commanding an order) when he released the unexpected anecdote. The 40-year-old actress moved the reflection to talk about the power of her own voice, saying that she is not afraid to express her opinion, much less the consequences of saying what she thinks. And she set a powerful example.

“I made a movie with an absolute idiot for a partner. “It doesn’t matter who he is, I’m going to try not to reveal it,” she said while clarifying that It wasn’t Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise with whom he worked the great showman and three films Mission Impossible respectively. “I made a lot of movies in the past, but I remember there was a time when this human being was very insecure and angry because one person couldn’t get the scenes out,” he said.

Rebecca Ferguson dismisses Tom Cruise and Hugh Jackman by exposing an anecdote from her career that leaves a performer in a bad place.

“ I think I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that they yelled at me. But since this person was number one on the call sheet, there was no safety net for me. So no one had my back. And I left the set crying.”

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Rebecca continued detailing that this person looked at her in that vulnerable state and said ‘do you call yourself an actress? Do I have to work with this? What the fuck is this?’ in front of the entire team. The actress and mother of two children reveals that she had no support but that the next day, despite being “terrified,” she imposed her voice by asking that person to leave the set. “You can go to hell,” she told him. “I’m going to work with a tennis ball, I don’t want to see you again.”

But then the producers approached her telling her that “she couldn’t do that to the ‘number one’” of the production, so she suggested that the artist in question work with his back turned and she would do her dialogues looking at his head. And they do it like that. However, When he questioned the director about how permissive he had been regarding the interpreter’s temperamental attitude, he encountered the power of idolatry and success that marks the hierarchies of the industry. “You’re right, I’m not taking care of the others. “I’m trying to support this person because he is very unstable,” he replied.

An answer that leads us to reflect on the importance of success as a symbol of superiority in the film industry, putting on the table an example that gave free rein to behaviors lacking empathy in a moment of professional vulnerability., without anyone flinching. As if protecting the main star meant supporting attitudes that, in other areas, departments or industries, would never be tolerated.

Fortunately, Rebecca confesses that everything changed after that episode. However, she clarifies that it took her a long time to reach that point of self-confidence to assert her voice and worth. “It’s in my last 10 or 12 years and I’ve been acting since I was 16,” she says.

But… who is he talking about?

It is the big question that half the world has been asking since Rebecca Ferguson share the story. Because we are talking about an actress who shared scenes with all kinds of Hollywood stars throughout her career, however, her words refer us to a situation that awakened her self-esteem as part of the business and that, in her words, she has maintained since at least 10 or 12 years ago.

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That is, the film in question probably took place a decade ago or is chronologically located in those years of growth in the business. This detail would rule out Ewan McGregor who he worked with on the sequel to The glow, Doctor sleep (2019), a Chris Hemsworth (Men in Black: International, 2019), Michael Fassbender (The Snowman, 2017) o Jake Gyllenhaal (Life. Intelligent life, 2017). In addition to the names that she herself discarded, Hugh Jackman y Tom Cruise.

So… who would he be talking about?

If we look at his filmography in chronological order, and taking his words into account, we find Meryl Streep y Hugh Grant with whom he shared sequences in Florence: the best worst of all, the biographical drama about a woman who dreamed of singing although her voice sounded terrible. The film was released in 2016 but was shot in May 2015, which puts us closer to the decade or so range.

Obviously it is strange to imagine Meryl Streep being rude when the anecdotes shared by other stars always praised her. Tom Hanks He said he was “blown away” after working with her on The Post: The dark secrets of the Pentagon y Anne Hathaway He defined her as “the most wonderful and warm person.” In addition, Rebecca practically did not share scenes with her in the film, but her role was Hugh Grant’s lover. And curiously, in this case there are stories that talk about how grumpy the actor could be at times.

As happened on the first day of filming Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves when, according People, The actor lost his temper with a woman from the neighborhood believing she was a studio executive who was ruining his shot. He himself described her reaction as “terrible” and apologized. In turn, Jon Stewart said that the Brit was a “thorn in the ass” due to his alleged attitude during an interview on his show, deciding never to invite him again.

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“I had a tantrum backstage. [en The Daily Show]. About once a year, I have a mega tantrum and, unfortunately, he witnessed one,” the actor admitted. The diaryof Bridget Jones a Vanity Fair. He even confessed that he does not agree with the image of the correct British that his most successful characters painted. “It bothers me a lot when people think I’m nice, shy or a polite English gentleman,” he said in a 2016 interview with Entertainment Weekly (vía Daily Mail). “I’m a nasty guy and people should know that.”.

Of course, this does not mean that he was the character Rebecca Ferguson refers to for sure, although several users of The networks point it out with their hypotheses.

On the other hand, we find the name of Dwayne Johnson whom he accompanied in the epic film Hercules filmed in 2013. But of course… there are so many compliments that accompany The Rock as one of the most dedicated figures in filming that it is difficult to imagine him in this position. Furthermore, we cannot forget that the former WWE champion was still demonstrating his talent as an actor to the industry during those years. I doubt he would question another performer’s talent when he was still making his own way. But if there was any doubt, the actor himself has made it clear that it is not about him and that he is very interested in knowing who he was.

And so we come to European productions that Rebecca starred in before her jump to Hollywood, with characters like Matthew Goode in The Vatican, a TV-Movie directed by Ridley Scott in 2013, or the late Swedish star Sven-Bertil Taube who he worked with A one way trip to Antibes (2011).

The question will obviously remain eternally in the air, although more than one interpreter does not find it funny.

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