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Renowned Cuban Ballet Master Ramona de Saá Passes Away: A Legacy in Dance

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Renowned Cuban Ballet Master Ramona de Saá Passes Away: A Legacy in Dance

Ramona de Saá, one of the founders of the National Ballet of Cuba and a renowned figure in dance pedagogy, passed away early Wednesday morning. The National Center of Art Schools of Cuba (CNEArt) honored her as “one of the most prominent and multifaceted figures of the art of dance in Cuba,” whose work solidly supported the creative and pedagogical movement of that art.

A disciple of Alicia Alonso, de Saá was a key figure in the dance world, serving as director of the Fernando Alonso National Ballet School, adjunct professor at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA), and methodologist at the National Center of Art Schools (CNEArt). She was part of the group of dancers who helped refound the National Ballet of Cuba after the Revolution and dedicated herself to teaching after injuries ended her performing career.

Recognized internationally, de Saá’s legacy extends beyond her artistic contributions. She was described as an example of dedication, moral and ethical strength, simplicity, and altruism. Over her 45 years in ballet teaching in Cuba, she prepared generations of great dancers and received numerous accolades, including an Honorary Doctorate in Art in 2000 and the National Prize for Artistic Teaching in 2002.

According to CNEArt, de Saá’s family has decided to cremate her remains. Details about a posthumous tribute to honor her life and legacy will be shared soon.

Born in Havana in 1939, de Saá was instrumental in shaping the dance teaching system in Cuba. She studied at the Alicia Alonso Academy, became a founding dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba, and directed the Ballet School of the National School of Art. Her work in developing ballet study programs and teaching methodology had a lasting impact on Cuban dance education.

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Throughout her career, de Saá shared her expertise in countries around the world and received numerous awards and honors for her contributions to the art of dance. Her commitment to preserving and passing on the legacy of great masters like Alicia and Fernando Alonso was a defining aspect of her work.

Ramona de Saá’s impact on the world of dance and her dedication to teaching will be remembered and celebrated by the many dancers and students whose lives she touched.

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