Home Entertainment Revealing the secret of actor training institutions: students have loaned to pay 10,000 yuan in tuition fees and have no filming._AI Chen_Qian Yongchen_Promise

Revealing the secret of actor training institutions: students have loaned to pay 10,000 yuan in tuition fees and have no filming._AI Chen_Qian Yongchen_Promise

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Revealing the secret of actor training institutions: students have loaned to pay 10,000 yuan in tuition fees and have no filming._AI Chen_Qian Yongchen_Promise

Original title: Revealing the secret of actor training institutions: students have loaned to pay 10,000 yuan in tuition fees and have no filming

Not long ago, Qian Yongchen released a video of the public apology of the rumor-monger of the Ai Chen incident, and once again clarified the content of “encouraging students to accompany the wine and dedicate themselves to the director” mentioned in the whistleblower’s article. It seems to come to an end.

They have been hit by promises such as “star mentor one-on-one”, “graduation package allocation” and “monthly salary starting from 10,000 yuan”. Some people have taken out loans and paid tens of thousands of yuan in tuition, fantasizing about becoming stars, and some people have finished acting and makeup, expecting to be assigned .

In the end, they all gathered in the same group with the same goal – refund.

The Ai Chen incident is like an introduction, and people’s attention is focused on such training institutions. They charge high fees in the name of actor training, and there are many attractive promises such as “package distribution” and “excellent meeting signing” when promoting. , and will invite some well-known actors to call for their organizations, but in fact, many promises will not be written into the contract. The so-called graduation means employment, and most of them are unemployed after graduation.

When “Lu Yi’s husband Qian Yongchen was exposed to cheating of tuition fees” was on the hot search, Xiaolu, who had studied in a film and television training institution, once again posted her experience of “being cheated” on Weibo.

About six years ago, Xiaolu had the idea of ​​becoming an actress. Originally, she had some concerns about the institution’s high tuition fee of 28,800 yuan (one month for theory, three months for group internship), but she saw another partner of the institution. , also after an admissions prospectus forwarded by an actress she liked, she dispelled her concerns.

The brochure shows that “star tutors teach on-site, big-name directors regularly come to select actors, students have the opportunity to participate in the shooting of self-made film and television dramas, free lifelong training, and 100% allocation to the group to film.”

The seductive promise attracted Xiaolu. She quit her job in Beijing and came to Hengdian. With the help of the admissions teacher, she downloaded the loan software, paid tens of thousands of tuition fees with the borrowed money, and started her “actor dream”. The journey is precisely the beginning of her broken dream.

“We agreed to include room and board, but after we went, we were asked to pay 800 yuan for room and board. The question is that each period of activities is different, and the costumes for the graduation report are all rented by the students under the AA system.”

Xiaolu said angrily, “The admissions prospectus promises that 100% of the students will be assigned to the group for filming. In fact, it is only individuals who sign contracts or join the group to film. If you really can’t be assigned to study, you will find problems in the students, saying that they are fat, short, and can’t speak Mandarin well, and so on.

The same thing happened to student Xiaoyi. She paid 68,800 yuan in tuition for a year, and she chose to suspend her studies after only three months of study. The reason is very simple.

One-to-one teaching with celebrity tutors, “The star did come, but he just called everyone together to watch the show, and it was over with two comments.”

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It is said that dozens of crews come to choose actors every month. “The crew is also going through the motions when they come. They told us in person that they had been selected. After the promotional video was recorded, there was no more content.”

The so-called free education for life, “is to follow the new students to learn theory courses again. Anyway, it is your time that is wasted, no one pays you wages, and it will not solve the problem of your joining the group and filming.”

When recruiting, the teacher said“Learning full hair crochet is directly recommended to work in the crew, and the salary starts from 10,000”!

“Start paid study in the 11th month of school, with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan”, “can stay in school for development after graduation, with an annual salary of 100,000”, “free to enjoy the company’s partner qualification, entrepreneurial development, annual salary of one million”.

The reality is that students are unemployed immediately after graduation, and disputes with institutions about refunds continue.

“I signed up for the teacher class of 68800,When I signed the contract, I said that I had three full pages to study, but I actually learned it for four months and only learned a little bit of the first page. I promised to graduate immediately and enter the group for actual combat. The graduation salary starts at 15,000. Not at all. ” said Mumu, a student from an institution.

In a group of more than 70 people, the most person paid 108,000 yuan in tuition, and the least one also had a loss of 3,000 yuan.

“First lied to others to go to the performance class, and then lied to others to go to the makeup class, and told them to give double certificates and let them be the pillars. That person lost 108,000 yuan, and only returned 19,000 yuan.”

“I paid 68,800, stayed in the office for four days and four nights, and gave me a refund of 40,000.”

“When the promotional video was recorded, everyone, including the staff of the promotion department on the first floor, was called temporarily to send a crochet hook, and the performance was prosperous there. In fact, I was the only student in the makeup class at that time.”


In fact, propaganda does not match reality, and if you look closely, there are already signs.

“Ai Chen” Qian Yongchen once revealed in his video that Ai Chen has trained more than 1,000 actors and participated in the shooting of one or two thousand works. “Four Talented Men” and other works.

Specifically, which more than 1,000 actors and 1,000 or 2,000 works are, there is no official information to display, and the authenticity is doubtful.

Qian Yongchen specifically listed the three works. After searching, it is not difficult to find that they are basically starring him, his wife Lu Yi, and their star teacher Liu Ximing. There are no ratings on Douban, and few people know about them.

In Ai Chen’s official Weibo, they claimed that their students have been in continuous film appointments, and the works that participated in the performances included “The President’s Body I Have the Final Plan”, “Wild Little Farmer”, “The Exorcist”, “Mei Jiang”, and “Daughter-in-law”. ” and other mini-series and theater movies, which is exactly what Qian Yongchen once claimed in the video-“Long Song Xing”, “Eternal Jue Chen”, “Mirror Double Cities”, “Meng Hua Lu” and other major crews have come to Ai Chen The casting descriptions are far from the same.

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After throwing in tens of thousands of dollars, student Sha Hua bluntly saw the true face of the training institution, “At that time, I went to visit a certain institution, and they showed me a movie they produced.It is said that tens of millions were invested, but it was not released. Do you know why they don’t feel bad about throwing so much money? Because they can use this work to publicize and attract more students who don’t understand it. One student can earn tens of thousands of yuan, thousands of students a year, and a lot of income.

Sohu Entertainment once consulted with a training institution, and on the one hand, they knew a lot about their “star resources”, saying:“A national first-class actor and the winner of the Golden Lion Award for a Chinese drama all come to be a commentary teacher for the students”, “A student has signed a contract and has become a colleague of Lan Yingying”, “A student will get 3,000 yuan a day after graduation”

On the other hand, what’s the best role you’ve ever played for an actor? What is the student with the longest study time? What is the situation of admissions this year, etc., are all vague in the past with “we seldom go to statistics”.

The same thing happened with another actor training institute, and their brochure said,The tuition fee ranges from 12,800 yuan for 1 month to 188,800 yuan for 6 months. Star tutors include Han Dong, Qiao Zhenyu, etc.but when asked how many times these star tutors can come to classes a week, the other party said that the star tutors have their own jobs and will only come to classes if they are in Hengdian.

The honorary principal of a certain institution once said in the live broadcast that after the students graduate, their institution will help distribute them and help connect the crew.

What’s true, what’s false, and will the advertised promise be written into the contract? Everything is unknown, the only clearly marked price is the high tuition fees.

“Shadow” under the halo of stars

Brother Ming, a special actor who has been in Hengdian for many years, is not at all surprised by the word-of-mouth crisis encountered by such actor training institutions.

“They had a bad reputation many years ago.” Brother Ming said bluntly, “There are also friends around me who have been fooled, and the money paid is not proportional to what they have learned. People in Hengdian know that they are unreliable, but their publicity is very strong. It recruits students from all over the country, and it specifically attracts the kind of novice who doesn’t know Hengdian at all.”

Ming Ge said that actor training institutions can recruit students, but the fees they charge should be worthy of the value they can bring.

“Many students have told me,They usually trick the students into paying the money first. Originally, paying 5,000 yuan can be used for a role. When you pay the money, the words will be different. Do you think it’s okay not to study in your current situation? Do you think you can play a role now? Take the opportunity to charge later fees.

Brother Ming said, “The most hateful thing is that most of the people who want to be actors here in Hengdian are girls.

Compared with the above-mentioned private institutions, the most chilling thing for an old Hengpiao like Brother Ming is that some official institutions in Hengdian have also started to hold actor training courses.

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“One month’s course charges more than 6,000 yuan in tuition, and it is promoted that employment is immediate after graduation. It is also said that graduation can directly enter the special re-examination.”

Actor Jiang Ming said, “Old Hengdian people all know that after three months of group performances, they will have the opportunity to make special appointments. Opportunity, after all, the group performance is only 120 yuan a day, and when it is a special contract, the salary starts from 300 yuan, butIf you are admitted to the special appointment, you will find that you may not receive a play in a month. There are four or five hundred people in a special group, and two or three hundred people in a role compete at the same time. The personnel in Hengdian itself are already saturated.。”

Jiang Ming revealed that Hengdian also had actor training courses in the past, “but it was to improve the self-cultivation of group performances, and it was taught for free.”

Jiang Ming, who was also a drifter, knew that it was not easy to drift. He was invited by a friend to do a charity actor training activity together.

“Many newcomers are inexperienced, thinking that they can sing and perform skits and become big stars like Wang Baoqiang.”

Jiang Ming said, “If they come to my class, if they really don’t have talent, I will also persuade them that they don’t have to be actors, they can develop into other types of work behind the scenes. If they are not suitable, then they will lose a little rent at most. Life will not be a big blow, and those institutions that spend tens of thousands of yuan in tuition fees, but can’t keep their promises, will definitely not be able to bear it.”

Jiang Ming pointedly pointed out that the person who opened an actor training institution in Hengdian,Mainly with the help of two things, one is the social effect, the other is the celebrity effect.

Ai Chen has stars such as Qian Yongchen and Lu Yi, and they often invite friends in the circle to be commenting guests. It seems that the lineup is strong.

When Hengmengyuan was recruiting, honorary principal Han Chengyu also brought inBailu, Zhang Jianing, Tan Songyun, Guan Xiaotong, Li Jiaqi (formerly known as Lamu Yoko), Wu Jinyan, Zhong Chuxi, Ying Er, Sui Junbo, Guo Tao, Wu Gang, Shi Xiaolong, Bao Jianfeng, Nie Yuan and more than a dozen well-known actors called the VCR for his agency ,This is a great attraction for Xiaobai who wants to enter the entertainment industry.

I just don’t know how many of these young people who come with dreams can become “them” after a few months of study?

In response to the controversy of online “fraud”, an admissions teacher of an institution once bluntly said that their institution trains all waist and full-time actors, not stars, “If you hold me and pay more than 40,000 yuan, you will become a big star. The idea of ​​how many thousands of dollars you need to earn every year, then I think the cart before the horse is put upside down.”

However, wasn’t it the institutions that created the dreams for these students in the first place?

(Xiaolu, Xiaoyi, Mumu, Mingge, Shahua in the text are all pseudonyms)Return to Sohu, see more

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