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Reduce carbon emissions by more than 500 tons in half a year, FEELM introduces energy management system to build a green factory_TOM Information

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Reduce carbon emissions by more than 500 tons in half a year, FEELM introduces energy management system to build a green factory_TOM Information

In May this year, FEELM officially announced the launch of its carbon neutrality plan, setting a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Recently, the reporter learned thatIn order to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency, FEELM automated factories have introduced energy monitoring and management systems. This is another important measure in energy management and carbon emission reduction of FEELM automation factory after replacing high-energy-consuming equipment.

It is understood that the system can realize real-time monitoring, calculation and processing of various energy consumption data by collecting real-time power consumption data of each link of the factory and tracing historical data. Based on,The factory can quickly discover the operation rules of energy-consuming equipment, and efficiently adjust the equipment according to the usage conditions to maximize equipment efficiency and greatly reduce carbon consumption in the production process.

In addition, the system also supports the monitoring of the power system,Based on this, carbon dioxide emissions are calculated and presented in real-time on the data platform to monitor excessive carbon emissions or other anomalies

As the first technology brand in China‘s electronic atomization industry to start carbon neutralization planning, the carbon neutralization path implemented by FEELM needs to go through the blank areas of many industries in order to explore a suitable area for China‘s electronic atomization field, integrating R&D, manufacturing, Supply as one of the feasible roads.

Taking a fully automatic factory in FEELM as an example, after connecting to the above management system,Electricity related to indirect production of the plant will decrease monthly in 2022 compared to 2021.In the first five months of this year, the electricity generated by the factory’s indirect production decreased by 720,000 kWh compared with the same period last year, which is equivalent to a reduction of about 188.4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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The average output value per kilowatt-hour of electricity directly related to factory production has also risen from 177 yuan in 2020 to 245 yuan in 2022, rising steadily year by year, and the power consumption efficiency per unit of electricity has been greatly improved

In addition, after retrospectively optimizing the production process based on monitoring data, in 2022, the above-mentioned factories have successively carried out measures such as workshop lighting control, optimization of electric heating operation of combined wind cabinets, adding frequency converters for air-conditioning pumps and exhaust fans, and optimization of pump operation modes.In the first half of this year, a total of about 1,249,500 kWh of electricity was saved, which is equivalent to a reduction of 326.9 tons of carbon emissions.

The digitalization and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry is an important development strategy of the country, and it is also the key for the electronic atomization industry to truly move towards high-end intelligence. In the past production of enterprises, due to the inconsistency of data collection methods for multiple types of equipment, frequent changes in production parameters, lag in data acquisition, and inconsistency of equipment specifications and control systems, energy wasted, and low resource utilization efficiency has become an industry “stubborn disease”.

FEELM launched the industry’s first full-process atomizing bomb automatic production line in 2019, and the industry’s first full-process atomizing rod automatic production line in 2020 to provide services to its global customers. After the introduction of the energy monitoring and management system, the information of each power-consuming module in the factory can be synchronized in real time through the network, and visualized graphics and components are formed after uploading to the cloud. Managers can make reasonable and scientific optimizations according to the prompts to avoid wasting resources. At the same time, the carbon emissions in the production process are greatly reduced, so that part of the carbon footprint of the customer’s products “disappears” before it goes on sale.

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“Making more value per kilowatt-hour of electricity is a long-term battle for our factory. Collecting data is only the first step. Based on the database, we will further improve energy classification and usage strategies to make fully automatic factories more efficient and energy-saving.” The relevant person in charge of FEELM automation said.

It is reported that at present, FEELM has also introduced a professional carbon-neutral energy investigation team, and the work of sorting out relevant internal resources and improving carbon consumption is being carried out in an orderly manner.

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