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Reviving Opera: Embracing the Power of the Internet and New Media

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The Influence of the Internet on Traditional Chinese Opera

The world of traditional Chinese opera is seeing a resurgence thanks to the power of the internet and social media. Not long ago, a short opera video featuring the unique skills of the Gui opera, including “three falls and four falls” and “changing clothes in the box”, went viral on social platforms. The video, which was just ten seconds long, showcased the classic “Three Heroes and Five Righteousness” and left netizens in awe.

This resurgence of traditional Chinese opera is largely due to the increasing presence of short opera videos and live broadcasts on social platforms. These videos have allowed opera to reach new audiences and showcase the talent and skill of the performers. Behind-the-scenes content has also given viewers a glimpse into the hard work and dedication that goes into each performance, further increasing appreciation for the art form.

Traditional Chinese opera, with its sonorous elegance, beautiful costumes, and graceful performers, has captivated audiences for centuries. However, in recent years, the popularity of opera has waned, especially among younger generations. The rise of film and television dramas, as well as foreign artistic styles, has posed a challenge to traditional opera.

However, the emergence of opera short videos and live broadcasts has breathed new life into the art form. These videos have allowed internet users to quickly appreciate the unique value and superb skills of opera, breaking people’s stereotype that opera is outdated and unrelatable.

Li Shujian, vice chairman of the Chinese Drama Association, has been a key advocate for embracing the internet as a means of promoting traditional Chinese opera. With the help of new media and technologies, the opera industry is experiencing a revitalization. Opera theaters are seeing an increase in younger audiences, and opera clubs are forming in universities, further solidifying the art form’s appeal among the younger generation.

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While the internet has undoubtedly helped in bringing traditional Chinese opera to a wider audience, there is still room for innovation. Many young creators are working to integrate new media with opera, creating new and engaging content that appeals to a modern audience. Their efforts are vital in ensuring that traditional Chinese opera remains relevant in today’s society.

Traditional Chinese opera is not a static art form; it is constantly evolving and embracing new technologies. With the power of the internet, traditional Chinese opera is finding a new audience and securing its place in the modern world. As long as there are people willing to watch and appreciate opera, this ancient art form will continue to thrive.

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