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RIIZE Set to Release Japanese Version of Hit Song “Love 119” Today

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RIIZE Set to Release Japanese Version of Hit Song “Love 119” Today

RIIZE to Release Japanese Version of “Love 119” Today

Fans of K-pop group RIIZE have something to look forward to as the Japanese version of their hit song “Love 119” is set to be released today. According to Sohu Korean Entertainment News, the release is scheduled for 5 pm on January 24 (Beijing time) and will be available on major domestic and foreign music sites such as QQ Music, Kugou Music, and Kuwo Music.

The release will also include a new music video with different scenes from the original, expanding the storyline related to “first love.” The music video will be available on Bilibili SMTOWN channels and YouTube SMTOWN channel.

In addition to the release, RIIZE has also received invitations to perform in Japan, including appearances on Japan’s NHK music program “Venue101” and the GMO SONIC 2024 music festival at the Saitama Super Arena. A pop-up store named “RIIZE UP” will also open in Miyashita Park, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan, featuring photo displays of each member and various fashion items and accessories.

The news comes as RIIZE’s popularity continues to rise, with their new song “Love 119” reaching high rankings on Korean music charts. The group has been gaining attention as a “powerhouse of rising sound sources.”

Fans can also visit the “RIIZE Love 119 Mail Box” promotion website to see text messages and pictures of different members related to the song “Love 119”.

The release has generated excitement among fans who are eagerly anticipating the Japanese version of the popular track. RIIZE is expected to further solidify their position in the K-pop industry with the release and their upcoming performances in Japan.

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