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Rino Gaetano, an exhibition to remember him

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Rino Gaetano, an exhibition to remember him

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An innovative, revolutionary, current artist, loved by a transversal audience, which also includes the very young who, despite not having lived through the era of his career, appreciate him and know his songs: the figure of Rino Gaetano surpasses generations and still reveals, through his music, in all its universality. Expectations that the first major exhibition dedicated to him – visible until 28 April at the Museum of Rome in Trastevere, a neighborhood that the Calabrian singer-songwriter frequented since the days of the Folkstudio – underlines, retracing his history, his life and his career, with an exhibition rich in materials and with great attention to the setup.

“More Nuntereggae”

It was curated by Alessandro Nicosia and Alessandro Gaetano, Rino’s nephew who, together with his family, gave the opportunity to enter the world of this unique artist: the musician’s sister, Anna, granted some rarities that enrich this journey. And there are many materials on display, many of which are unpublished: photos, documents, videos, records, instruments, posters, clothes, particular objects such as the Frisbee with his image or the paddles used for the song “Nuntereggae Più”.

But, as we said, it is the setting that is striking: the “Sanremo 1978” space, dedicated to the presentation of “Gianna”, in which the photos of the historic performance intersect with the display of the top hat and towel used on stage by the singer-songwriter and with the video of the performance; the one reserved for instruments seems to reconstruct, with the guitars and the keyboard in the centre, a small studio. And again: the bathrobe worn at the Festivalbar and the photo of that evening; the collection of hats, shown almost as a single work of art, surrounded by images in which he used them; the concerts, the TV, the radio, the sources of inspiration: every moment of his career artfully conveys a world.

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To which is also added the personal aspect of the artist, with the space dedicated to family life and friends.

On the left Rino Gaetano in a portrait by Donatella Rimoldi (Anna Gaetano Archive © All rights reserved); on the right Rino Gaetano at a friend’s house (Anna Gaetano Archive © All rights reserved)

Parts of a creative and human journey that describes the originality, uniqueness and universality of a multifaceted personality attentive to the surrounding humanity and the society that he portrays with sarcasm and punctuality, but without forgetting musical innovation .

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