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River’s 1×1 against Boca

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River’s 1×1 against Boca

River started by winning the superclásico against Boca and seemed to take everything at the Mario Alberto Kempes stadium. But… Boca came and turned it around with goals from Uruguayans Miguel Merentiel and Edinson Cavani. The discount on the hour was not enough for the Millionaire.

Did River deserve more? This is the 1×1 and the scores of The Voice

River’s initial formation for the duel against Boca at the Kempes, for the quarterfinals of the 2024 League Cup. (Fotobaires)

ARMANI (5). Nothing to do with Boca’s goals. He even prevented Cavani from scoring in the play that ended at 3-1.

HERRERA (4). He ended up suffering every time Zenón settled in his area.

GONZÁLEZ PÍREZ (4). Entangled in the role changes that Merentiel and Cavani were making. He lost the ball from which Boca’s third was born.

P. DÍAZ (6). Pure energy and intensity. Perhaps the River player who showed those virtues the most. Overpassed at 2-1 and exposed at 3-1. He made it 2-3.

E. DÍAZ (5). Like the whole team, better in the first half and without projection in the second. He suffered when Advíncula came.

FERNÁNDEZ (4). Great in the pass that started the 1-0 transition and then… disappeared from River’s game circuit.

VILLAGRA (5). Overwhelmed by the collective play of Boca’s midfield in the second half. He was replaced.

ALIENDRO (5). River’s clearest exits passed through his feet. The team’s moments of poise were his lucid moments. But he went out in the snap.

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ECHEVERRI (5). He started the game like it was going to take on the world. And he left the superclásico as if he had not been on the field. He masterfully handled the counterattack that ended in a 1-0 lead.

COLLIDIUM (4). He didn’t get any of those typical plays of his in which he gets rid of players with short dribbles. Light for such a heavy game.

BORJA (6). He scored the goal and was the player who understood how to play the duel with Boca. He scratched, he fought, he heated up the atmosphere and was always attentive to what the game asked for.

SHIP. He came in before the storm (Boca’s two goals) and his influence on River’s reaction was scarce.

LANZINI. Little contribution for those who wear the historic “10” shirt.

SOLARI. His speed didn’t work for him in a closed Boca.

SIMON AND FONSECA. They helped in the final siege for the discount.


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