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SANKUANZ releases 2023 autumn and winter series | Hypebeast

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SANKUANZ releases 2023 autumn and winter series | Hypebeast

SANKUANZ officially released the 2023 autumn and winter series during Paris Fashion Week. The show is located in an abandoned parking building in Paris. Scarlet like mottled blood adorns the model’s makeup, hands and bags, and it is paired with accessories inspired by car keys, presenting a dramatic scene. Constructed a deadly image of the Black Widow, which is also the inspiration for this series.

In terms of clothing, the 2023 autumn and winter series continues to explore the fusion of high-end style and street elements. A large number of dark colors such as brown and tortoiseshell are used in this season’s color scheme, reinterpreting the retro temperament of the 1970s and 1980s with a modern design style; the Tibetan robe elements of the previous season have been upgraded this time, and the sleeves are integrated into the pleated design to balance the oriental style With a sense of the street; the new tailoring with tension appears on the clothing, canceling the collar, forming an exaggerated shoulder line that is excessively inclined, and at the same time creating a radial three-dimensional space on the back; the suit with tall and straight shoulders is added with graffiti printing; retro fur The emergence of DAGGER deepens the mysterious temperament of the dress; DAGGER, as the iconic design language of SANKUANZ, is applied to the DAGGER shape on the toe and heel of pointed cowboy boots, and the DAGGER waist design on the belt, which symbolizes bloody killing The dark red evening bag together creates a murderous atmosphere; SANKUANZ’s representative Bumpy retro sneakers are also injected with a new color scheme this time.

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