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Seriously | Sexy and innocent! Isn’t the counterattack of “boudoir style” a kind of victory? Boudoir style | DIOR | show direct hit_Sina fashion_Sina.com

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Seriously | Sexy and innocent!  Isn’t the counterattack of “boudoir style” a kind of victory? Boudoir style | DIOR | show direct hit_Sina fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: Seriously | Sexy and innocent! Isn’t the counterattack of “boudoir style” a kind of victory?

In a blink of an eye, 2022 is finally coming to an end, home editors have begun to quietly study the new spring and summer trends of 2023 in the past two days!

Fendi 2022 autumn and winter seriesFendi 2022 autumn and winter series


From the look of the fashion week show to the outfits of celebrity bloggers, this year is no longer minimalist style. Great to say.

And the rise of this Boudoir-style retro aesthetic style in the fashion circle has to start from more than 20 years!

Dior 1998 spring and summer seriesDior 1998 spring and summer series


At that time, John Galliano, the pirate Lord, planned a big show with the theme of “In a Boudoir Mood” for Dior’s 1998 spring and summer series, which seemed to be a luxurious dream in a girlfriend’s private room.

At that time, Lord Pirate was at the peak of his creation, and this show was a show of ready-to-wear that was even more high-end than high-end!

Dior 1998 spring and summer seriesDior 1998 spring and summer series

The models walked slowly in lace and satin dresses, capturing the gorgeousness and relaxation at the same time, and the Boudoir style was fully interpreted by them!

Chanel 2023 spring and summer series

Prada Spring Summer 2023 Collection


As soon as the camera turns, switch to the 2023 Spring/Summer Fashion Week show 👉 Both Chanel and Prada pay tribute to the Boudoir trend, as evidenced by light perspective items and feather details.

Versace 2023 spring and summer seriesVersace 2023 spring and summer series


Then there is the Versace show. Compared with the picture above, this is really a “dark” boudoir!

The classic lace fabric of Boudoir style is used – black silk + lace, which is sexy and mysterious~

Diesel Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

Nensi Dojaka Spring/Summer 2023 Collection


Both Diesel and Nensi Dojaka are brands with distinct styles, but after cleverly combining the Boudoir style, they are a little more sexy.

Diesel is even harder, this must be the pioneer of the cowboy “boudoir” style!

Back to the topic, we still need to introduce the concept of “Boudoir”.

“Boudoir” originally refers to the boudoir of adult women in European aristocratic families, and also represents the retro and gorgeous bedroom decoration style.

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And if this concept is extended to fashion, it can be understood as clothing suitable for boudoir and home.

But there has been a misunderstanding for a long time: this kind of “boudoir” clothing is only suitable for home wear, and it is vulgar to wear on the street!

The editor’s response is: Big No special No.

Think of it this way: To some extent, the change in the use of pajamas is also closely related to the liberation of women, which is another form of freedom in dressing.

Arguments such as “Innocence in front of others and coquettishness in the boudoir” are really necessary and important. Why do girls have to be influenced by this rule?

Besides, these “boudoir items” are so pretty, right? What a pity to hide it and wear it quietly. If you are also eager to try Boudoir wind, please continue to read.

Fashionistas play Boudoir style, and they also start with lace

Netizens complained about Bella Hadid’s outfits on the Met Gala red carpet and parties before, and the editor remembers the loudest voice: She looks like a bad professional practitioner!

In fact, Bella is just paying tribute to the Boudoir style, and added some Gothic girl details in combination with her own temperament.

The black bra with black silk is so sexy. It is probably because it is too sexy that everyone feels a little “exceeded”!

But that’s the “Fashion Oscar”, what’s the point of not “exceeding” (and who sets the standard for sexiness, and how much is exceeding it)?

But back to real life, fashionistas also start with lace when they play Boudoir style.

Some time ago, Anya Taylor-Joy, who was busy promoting her new film, arranged a Boudoir style for herself. Dior’s white lace dress was worn by her fairy-like.

And it can be worn twice. After taking the event photos, remove the skirt and add a cream-colored suit, and you can go out beautifully.

Hailey Bieber and Bieber and Kendou went to the birthday party of the pod cat before. The Dress Code is “Eyes Wide Shut”, and they also chose the combination of lace + black silk.

Olivia Rodrigo’s body can be said to be a model for simplifying the Boudoir style. The simple pajamas-style little black dress with Martin boots is cool and cute, and there is no pressure to go out on the street.

The last is Princess Dior’s classic Look. She attended Met Gala in 1996 and chose a Dior pajamas style dress with a mini Dior bag by the pirate master.

At this time, she was breaking up and divorcing Charles, and wrote her rebellion on her clothes.

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Dangerous and sexy perspective elements, played by them

In addition to lace, perspective is also a classic element of Boudoir! It is a symbol of female hormones, sexy, mysterious and seductive!

Rihanna’s red carpet style is just right with the title of “Fashion Icon”. The Swarovski crystal inlaid see-through gown is paired with a fur shawl and cape, which makes the Japanese woman so beautiful.

And Kendall’s body is a combination of lace and see-through, which makes Mr. Dou’s sexy and sensuality achieve a delicate balance, glamorous yet romantic.

You Dou likes to see through very much, and she also wears a see-through Top that can be seen in underwear with a knee-length skirt. She knows fashion.

Do you have any impression of Bella’s set? The see-through top with thin suspenders to restrain the curve looks really dangerous and sexy.

If you want to make it easier to wear, you can choose more everyday see-through items, such as shirts.

Underwear is worn outside the see-through shirt, which unlocks a new idea~

Noble satin, with noble sister

Of course, the soft and beautiful element of satin is naturally included in the Boudoir style. The glossy fabric can show extravagance and is full of modern flavor at the same time!

This avocado green satin skirt worn by model worker Jessica Chastain makes her look super “rich”.

Beaver’s pink satin suspender dress neutralizes sexiness and elegance, and it is matched with thick-soled calf boots, which is even more Y2K.

The fashionable interpretation of satin material by pajama style items is actually the most direct and appropriate.

Riri’s outfit is simply amazing, with white lace underwear inside the nightgown suit, a pair of feathered high-heeled shoes on her feet, and a red wine glass in her hand, so fashionable and refined.

Julie’s version of “Wear pajamas out on the street” is more chill, because the style of pajamas and matching items are relatively low-key, and the overall Look looks quite reasonable.

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A small circle of feathers can be exchanged for a lot of sexy

The last element of Boudoir style is feathers!

Whether it appears in a large area or only embellishes a corner of a single product, this element is very lethal, and it once dominated the fashion circle in the 1990s.

The main reason is that Kate Moss likes to wear it very much. The little black dress decorated with feathers goes well with her as she walks on the red carpet.

Then the classic reappeared. In 2004, she wore this skirt again, this time with a pair of see-through high-heeled sandals, which remained fashionable.

Later, she also climbed the ladder in a feather-decorated polka-dot suit, with a bit of pajama style, which can create a sense of conflict with the party Dress Code.

The full body feathers are high-profile and gorgeous, helping you transform into a “butterfly”, flying all over the field under everyone’s gaze.

But if we wear it in our daily life, we don’t need such a strong sense of drama, and we can reduce the area of ​​feathers.

For example, the “circle around the cuffs” style brought by Prada is very useful, especially when paired with a stiff suit, it has a feeling of hardness and softness.

Winter can just show through layers of coats, fashionable and fun.

Different colors have different temperaments, black is elegant, while white is a little “cold”.

The shoes that best match its temperament are high-heeled sandals. The exposed ankles are set off by feathers. I don’t know how sexy they are!

The editor also bought a new Chinese-style suit with blue feathers, which is really good for autumn and winter.

The key word of the Boudoir style is the hazy feeling of wanting to talk. Now its resurgence has a taste of breaking through the inherent definition of so-called sexy.

Fashion is supposed to be one of the expressive tools of feminism. Why can’t fashion become a new step of self-pleasure?

Image source: Visual ChinaNetwork

Edit: Stacy

Written by: Minn

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