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Shanghai Summer Music Festival opens with a symphony of youth_Yu Long_Zhang Lu_Philharmonic Orchestra

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Original title: The opening of the Shanghai Summer Music Festival plays the symphony of youth

CNR Shanghai, July 22 (Reporter Zhou Honglin Fuyu) On the evening of July 20, Zhang Lu, assistant conductor of the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, walked into the Shanghai Symphony Hall in a black suit and joined the famous European mezzo-soprano Singer Zhu Huiling, brought Wagner’s vocal suite “Wessendonk Song”, Grieg’s “Solveig Song” and Mahler’s “Symphony No. 1 in D major” in the second half, for an eleven-day period The “2022 Shanghai Summer Music Festival” (MISA) kicked off.

In order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control, this year’s Shanghai Summer Music Festival has been fully transferred online. Young conductor Zhang Lu was ordered to replace Director Yu Long who was unable to come to Shanghai due to the epidemic. It was well received by the performers and the audience in front of the screen.

Due to the epidemic, Yu Long was absent from MISA for the first time in the thirteenth year after launching the Shanghai Summer Music Festival, and was unable to conduct the opening and closing concerts as originally planned. “Post-80s” Zhang Lu took over the opening baton, while Yu Long performed the closing performance was Sun Yifan, the “post-90s” young conductor who has been holding hands with Shanghai Symphony for many times. They and Khachaturian International Conducting Competition winners, from The “Blue Bird Project” “post-00s” conductor Jin Yukuang, a new star, will play a leading role on the MISA stage together. In this particularly difficult music festival, he will rise to the challenge and show his musical talent and conducting style.

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Over the years, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and its music director Yu Long have gradually built up a multi-age talent pool with the support of young musicians. These young conductors lived up to expectations and continued to show the “reliability” and strength of young Chinese musicians in the future at the festival.

According to reports, from July 20th to 30th, every day from the afternoon until late at night, three time periods, a day of MISA accompanied by good music, let the audience sleep at home or run outdoors at night, Anyone can join MISA in the most “own” comfortable way.

Turning to the online MISA stage, for the first time, it has been extended to cities other than Shanghai, from Harbin, Beijing, Shanghai to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and even London, New York, and multiple “line fields” are linked in the cloud. Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, China Philharmonic Orchestra, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Harbin Symphony Orchestra and many other excellent orchestras at home and abroad bring their excellent performances on the cloud, making MISA not only a Shanghai Symphony Orchestra The MISA of the world is also the MISA of the world.Return to Sohu, see more


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