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She accidentally cuts her son’s hair to the ears Zhang Xinyi gets comfort from a 2-year-old son | Si Tuo | Yuan Hong

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[Epoch Times November 20, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) On the 19th, mainland actress Zhang Xinyi posted a set of photos of her son’s haircutting on Weibo, and revealed in the accompanying text that because of the lack of Carefully cut her son’s ears and scared her to cry on the spot, but the 2-year-old son was not only not angry, but comforted his mother and moved her.

After the humorous Zhang Xinyi married actor Yuan Hong in 2016, he gave birth to his son “Situo” in February 2019. Calling her son “Brother Tuo”, she revealed on Weibo on the 19th that “Brother Tuo” had been cutting her hair since she was a child. Even though she cuts her hair every time she cuts it like a dog, she is still very cute. It can be seen that Zhang Xinyi is quite satisfied with cutting his son’s hair.

However, Zhang Xinyi went on to write: “Yesterday, when I cut’Ge Tuo”s hair, he actually cut a small cut in his ear.” She was so guilty that she was so scared to cry on the spot, but surprisingly, “Si Tuo” is not only Don’t blame my mother, but also warm my heart to comfort my mother, saying “Mom, I am not angry with you, because I love you”, so that Zhang Xinyi, who is full of maternal love, said: “My good son, I don’t hold any grudges if my hair is cut like this. , And said that you love me, I will cry for a while.”

Judging from the photos posted by Zhang Xinyi, “Si Tuo” has a lot of hair volume and is somewhat naturally curly. Even if it does not show its face, it looks very cute. (Click to see photos)

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After being promoted to parents, Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi get along like two naughty children, often amusing each other on Weibo, and both have become “child slaves.” Although the couple are busy at work, as long as the opportunity arises, the family of three will try to reunite.

Zhang Xinyi, 40, revealed in a variety show last year that he wanted to have a second child. But when the host asked if he wanted to discuss with the boss for his consent, she resolutely replied “no.” Asked why, Zhang Xinyi continued his usual funny style and said that since it is a “discussion”, there is a “quotient” and a “quantity”: “I think he (the first son “Situo”) came to my house and didn’t discuss it with me. Why discuss with him?” He also said with a smile, “Does he disagree, I can still give birth to half?”

Netizens who have watched the show sighed that Zhang Xinyi’s logic of speaking was both rigorous and interesting.

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