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Shenlong Fighter: Ryuoumaru Scale Model Revealed with Deformation Function

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Shenlong Fighter: Ryuoumaru Scale Model Revealed with Deformation Function

The highly anticipated reveal of new scale models for the Shenlong Fighter series has left fans in awe with its amazing deformation functions. The latest addition to the series, “Ryuoumaru”, has been unveiled and features a high head-to-body ratio, along with a stunning transformation ability.

Based on “The Legend of the Demon Hero”, “Ryuohmaru” has been brought to life through the HG Amplified IMGN series, which aims to amplify the charm of the character through new designs and ideas. The model stands at a total length of approximately 170mm and utilizes the unique movements of its tall body to enhance Ryuohmaru’s charm.

In addition to its striking design, the model includes injection molded and gold-plated parts, adding a bright texture with high-density modeling. The Phoenix Dragon Sword’s blade is also gold-plated, complete with 3D metal stickers for an original design decoration. Furthermore, the model can transform into the Phoenix form and comes with special effect accessories to enhance its appeal.

The new Ryuoumaru model is set to officially launch in May 2024, with a starting budget of 6,600 yen. Fans and collectors alike can look forward to adding this impressive piece to their collection.

However, some have expressed confusion over the design choices for the model, with one individual speculating that it may have been influenced by external factors. Despite the speculation, excitement for the release of the new scale model remains high.

With its stunning design and unique features, the reveal of the new Ryuoumaru model has left fans eager to get their hands on this impressive addition to the Shenlong Fighter series.

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