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Shizuka Kudo reappears the classics and sings in Taiwan after 30 years (picture) concert| Takuya Kimura|

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Shizuka Kudo reappears the classics and sings in Taiwan after 30 years (picture) concert| Takuya Kimura|

Shizuka Kudo reappears the classics and sings in Taiwan for the first time in 30 years. Pictured: Actor Tom Hanks, Japanese singer Shizuka Kudo and director Robert Zemeckis attend a press conference to promote “The Polar Express” in Tokyo, Japan, November 12, 2004. (Image credit: Junko Kimura/Getty Images)

japanese songstressShizuka KudoIt was announced on the 13th that the “Shizuka Kudo” concert will be held at the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall on September 2, 2023. This is her second concert in Taiwan after 30 years. Tickets are expected to go on sale at noon on July 8.

The 53-year-old Shizuka Kudo made her official solo debut with “Forbidden Telepathy” at the end of August 1987. So far, she has released 42 physical singles, 1 digital single, 17 original albums, and 4 cover albums. She has countless classic songs such as “Love One Night”, “The True Face of the Storm”, “Yellow Sand Flying”, “Weeping”, and is also one of the representative Japanese female singers who have come to the present in the 1980s.

Shizuka Kudo is one of the multi-talented representatives of the Japanese entertainment industry. She not only supervises the production of personal music works, but also serves as the music director for starring movies. She also has the identity of a painter and jewelry designer.Her husband is a member of the well-known Japanese male music group SMAPTakuya KimuraShizuka Kudo changed her name to Shizuka Kimura after her marriageThe two have been married for 23 years and have always been a good story in the entertainment industry.

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A few days ago, Japanese media broke the news that their marriage has changed and they have negotiated a divorce, which is expected to be announced in April, shocking the outside world. In this regard, Shizuka Kudo faced reporters’ questioning and said, “Everyone can write whatever they want, and you can write whatever you want. I don’t think this is a topic that needs everyone to ask specifically. I will not answer anything.”

Although Shizuka Kudo has rarely released new works in recent years, she celebrated the 35th anniversary of her debut last year and re-sang her solo album “Feeling”, which was also included in the NHK Red and White Singing Contest. Shizuka Kudo’s September concert in Taiwan is also her only concert outside Japan in 2023, and she will sing many classic songs to fans.

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