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Strange New Dawn – New Nights Of Euphoria

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Strange New Dawn – New Nights Of Euphoria

(c) Asgeir Mickelson

Patience is a virtue that is extremely important, especially in Doom realms. Strange New Dawn know this only too well. The first ideas for this formation arose back in 2000, but it wasn’t until twelve years later that it became a welcome reality. Since then, the quintet around (former) members of Green Carnation and In The Woods… has released two albums, experienced several line-up changes and recently signed up with Svart Records. There the multi-layered, often unorthodox doom approach, which flirts with prog and psych, now has the perfect stage: „New Nights Of Euphoria“ hits.

“Journey Within” not only opens, but also gets to the heart of the Norwegians’ idiosyncratic demeanor in the most pleasant sense. What initially penetrates comparatively classic, melodic and powerful doom areas takes on a very interesting life of its own as the playing time progresses. The proggy peaks are surprisingly high-speed, the middle section has several washed-out breaks before the finish becomes almost anthemic. Even comparatively short episodes like “Sons Of Galaxy” easily accommodate this kind of versatility. With the help of peculiar interstellar inserts, the omnipresent science fiction penchant cannot be dismissed.

In the XXL format, Strange New Dawn reveals all its strengths. “Fortune Bringer” occasionally approaches a cheesy ballad, while psych and electro elements mix in the background. It’s only shortly before halftime that the thing breaks out of its predictable pattern and turns the dial. That’s what it would sound like if Borknagar were a doom band, while the anthemic passages even venture a little power metal approach. In the final “The Passing” more heaviness is added and the melodic arcs compete, accompanied by infernal pounding.

This third album takes a lot of getting used to and is very good. Yes, you need a lot of patience and good nerves for this unorthodox Doom approach, but it’s worth it twice or three times over. “New Nights Of Euphoria” breaks up run-of-the-mill presentations with increasing enthusiasm and astonishing precision as you let yourself be carried through space and time, psych and prog. Strange New Dawn like shallow hymns as well as heavy metal extreme eruptions, accompanied by high standards and an instrumental search for meaning. The proximity to the other main bands is always evident in a pleasant way – a complex and worthwhile work that Doom takes pleasantly further.

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Rating: 8/10

Available from: November 24th, 2023
Available via: Svart Records (Membrane)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Strangenewdawnnorway

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