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Sustainability, Oway closes ecommerce and stores for the next Black Friday

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Oway goes against the tide and for Black Friday on November 26 decides to close shops and e-commerce to turn the spotlight on the urgency of a change of course in consumption. The initiative is in fact part of the brand’s new campaign, “Don’t black out the future” created to emphasize that there is only one way to stop climate change and reduce our footprint on the planet: change shopping habits in the era of the compulsive shopping.

«The history of Oway has been characterized from the outset by courageous choices, convinced right away that asking questions about the imprint of our passage in the world was the right direction to take – says Martina Sormani, Oway retail manager -. For this reason, this year more than ever, we felt the need to stop the day when everyone runs, and reflect on the fact that you have to consume less and better».

The commitment to sustainability is in the DNA of the company which, starting from biodynamic, 0 km, organic and fair trade crops, produces treatments and rituals agricosmetics. In 2010 he created his Ortofficina, the farm on the Bolognese hills where medicinal plants are grown and processed and in 2020 he obtained the biodynamic certification and became the certifying subject of this agroecological approach. Thanks to eco-design along the entire supply chain, virtuous production processes and the compensation of small residual CO2 quotas that cannot be eliminated, it has become a carbon neutral company whose production is made with 100% green energy.

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Each formula, packaging, material, object or tool is designed to have the minimum environmental impact, last or be reused, composted or transformed into a new resource. The formulas are collected in glass bottles and jars and aluminum tubes, with metal caps, reusable and recyclable completely and indefinitely; superfluous packaging and packaging are not used; all tools and objects are made of wood, glass, aluminum, organic and regenerated cotton, recycled paper and other natural and ecological materials, the workplaces are plastic free.

And the packaging itself is one of the factors on which to intervene for conscious consumption, according to the company: plastic, in fact, can be recycled up to a maximum of twice before its quality becomes too low. Furthermore, according to OECD data, in the world only 18% of plastic waste is recovered: 25% is burned in incinerators or waste-to-energy plants, 60% goes to landfills and is burned outdoors (with consequences for the environment and health) or ends up directly in nature (in the sea or in improvised open-air dumps). For this reason it is necessary to choose instead of plastic containers products packaged in glass and aluminum, 100% recyclable and infinitely, and to avoid unnecessary packaging such as layers of paper or cellophane that often cover a newly purchased product. Another tip is to prefer concentrated products with biodynamic ingredients and clean formulas.

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