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SW Presents Qixi Festival Limited Capsule Series: Blending Fashion and Love in Dazzling Shoes

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SW Presents Qixi Festival Limited Capsule Series: Blending Fashion and Love in Dazzling Shoes

SW Unveils Dazzling Qixi Festival Collection by Edmundo Castillo

Shoe brand Stuart Weitzman (SW) has launched a stunning limited capsule series to celebrate the Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. Global design director Edmundo Castillo is behind the collection, which combines a brand-new dazzling heart-shaped diamond buckle with the best-selling shoes to create a fashionable and avant-garde look.

Describing his design inspiration, Castillo said, “I wanted to capture the essence of the Qixi Festival by incorporating crystal buckles that represent the fire and light that ignites when you fall in love at first sight. My aim was to interpret the unique love and excitement that surrounds Qixi Festival.”

The Qixi limited capsule series includes three shoe designs:

1. LOVEBUCKLE SOHO loafers: The highly sought-after SOHO thick-soled loafers feature a romantic heart-shaped diamond buckle. The urban signature lug sole adds a touch of sophistication while creating the illusion of slender legs. With a holographic illusion skin, these loafers symbolize the magic and imagination of true love. The price for these loafers is RMB 4,800.

2. CRYSTAL HEART flat shoes: This design combines the light and flexible ballet style with a luxurious and bright heart-shaped diamond buckle. The pointed toe design elongates the leg line, while the light square heel provides utmost comfort. These flats effortlessly blend fashion and relaxation, allowing two people to compose a flowery poem of love. The price for these flats is RMB 4,800.

3. LOVEBUCKLE sports sandals: These sports sandals perfectly capture the coolness and sweetness of summer. Featuring an ultra-light locomotive sole, they make a bold style statement. The heart-shaped diamond buckle expresses the soft and sweet words of love, shining like the hot sun. These sandals are priced at RMB 4,350.

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Available exclusively in China, the Qixi Festival limited capsule series is now available in offline boutique stores, the brand’s official website, official WeChat applet, and Tmall official flagship store.

With its blend of high-quality craftsmanship and romantic designs, SW’s Qixi Festival collection is a perfect way to celebrate love and indulge in fashionable footwear.

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