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Take it away!Big star | Huang Minghao is not worried about the idol’s short flowering period and wants to play the big brother Wang Hedi_Entertainment_Yang Mi_New Song

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Take it away!Big star | Huang Minghao is not worried about the idol’s short flowering period and wants to play the big brother Wang Hedi_Entertainment_Yang Mi_New Song

Original title: Take it away!Big star | Huang Minghao is not worried about the idol’s short flowering period and wants to play the big brother Wang Hedi

Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Wen Suki/Picture) Recently, Huang Minghao was a guest on Sohu Video’s self-produced variety show “Hold it away!” superstar”. In the program, Huang Minghao talked about the new album “VR”, and the 9 new songs were diverse and dynamic. He also participated in the creation of lyrics and music, and his performance was dazzling. He Jiong and Yang Mi gave praises one after another. Huang Minghao said with a smile: “Have you not been fascinated by my songs? Friends, hold on.”

In Huang Minghao’s view, whether a song can be successfully released is not within his control. As a musician, he is doing it seriously and diligently. His original intention has never changed. It is more important to make the quality of the work sound and powerful. matter. Is there any anxiety about the bustling discussion of idols’ short flowering period? In this regard, the 20-year-old Huang Minghao has a clear and rational idea: “Actually, I am not very anxious about these things. I am not a person who will be affected by a fast pace. Instead, I like to find a comfortable way in my own rhythm.”

Cute and humorous, with his own laughs, Huang Minghao, the king of reflexes, has always been the “group favorite” of variety shows. He admits that his advantage is the ability to eliminate embarrassment. As for the secret to becoming a friend in the entertainment industry, Xiao Jia offers four mottos, let’s get it together.

Now the theme of sister-in-law love has become “sweet pastry”, and eating sugar makes people happy. When asked if he is looking forward to working with Yang Mi in the drama about next year’s love, Huang Minghao said: “It’s too good, we are really familiar.” He has a personal relationship with Wang Hedi. He was very earnest, and once joked that he wanted to play the second male lead in his work, and put on the wings of imagination, he fantasized about it, looking forward to playing the warm-hearted brother behind Wang Hedi, and has been supporting him silently.

Dialogue with Huang Minghao:

The new song was praised by He Jiong and Yang Mi, and did not exclude acting in “sister dog drama”

Sohu Entertainment: There are 9 songs in the new album. Can you use the song title to make a sentence?

Huang Minghao: One day I was walking in “WONDERLAND” and suddenly came across a “SHAWTY”. The first time I looked at her, I was like “Disturbed Love”, and I took her to a “Shawty”. “Dangerous Party”, I wanted to take her with “Dreamland Tour”, but I suddenly told her that lipstick seems to stick to your teeth, she was very angry, I told her I “PRAY”, “Don’t scold again” I’m wrong”, I was wrong, I’m sorry, then I helped her wipe off the lipstick and started a “Love with Flowering Period”, can this be said? (laughs) From the beginning, one day, Xiao Xinhao met a “SHAWTY” in “WONDERLAND”… I have nothing to do with it.

Sohu Entertainment: If you are on the stage of playing songs and ask you to say something cruel, how can you make everyone fall in love with your song?

Huang Minghao: Why are you saying harsh words? Humph, still not fascinated by my song? Friends, hold on.

Sohu Entertainment: If you swipe Weibo or Moments and find that all your new songs are swiping, how would you react?

Huang Minghao: After all, I was fascinated by me.

Sohu Entertainment: Seeing that many artists and friends are helping you play songs, do you remember who was the first to cheer for you?

Huang Minghao: Some time ago, I went to record “Hello, Saturday”. After the recording, everyone had a dinner together. Then I became a DJ and played all nine songs. Teacher He said that my songs were very good.

Sohu Entertainment: Yang Mi recorded the watermark for you last album. Did you listen to her new song for the first time this time?

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Huang Minghao: Of course, her evaluation is good, very good.

Sohu Entertainment: Did they spontaneously come to help you play songs?

Huang Minghao: Of course it’s not spontaneous, of course I’m going to say, can you help me forward one, please, can you. Every time I am, Bao, help me forward one.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you share your daily life in the circle of friends?

Huang Minghao: Yes, my circle of friends has a lot of content. (For example?) I am a very literary person. I will also post some very literary photos, some small compositions, and I will post film reviews, I can’t think of it, my friends.

Sohu Entertainment: Artists are set up!

Huang Minghao: No, no, I don’t have a character, don’t make me a character! I have absolutely none! I am just happy sometimes, and sometimes I like it, I just express my liking, there is no establishment, really not.

Sohu Entertainment: This time I participated in composing lyrics and music. Under what circumstances can inspire your creative inspiration the most?

Huang Minghao: When I am alone, it is relatively quiet and quiet.

Sohu Entertainment: Lock yourself up and be alone in your room?

Huang Minghao: No, because I usually only stay in the room alone. I don’t need to deliberately lock myself in the room. It seems that you are usually not alone in the room? (laugh)

Sohu Entertainment: Some people say that the song “Don’t Call Me Anymore” can’t be thought of as a little love song. What did you think when you named it?

Huang Minghao: This is the third time I explain this song today. Now that I have passed that age, at my current age, when others scold me, I think I have to endure it and don’t care about those who are not important.

Sohu Entertainment: In the new album, which song took the longest to create?

Huang Minghao: In fact, it was the creation of “Love and Love”, and I changed many versions.

Sohu Entertainment: Where are you stuck?

Huang Minghao: I like this accompaniment very much and want to make the best song. Don’t you think that the words of “Love and Love” are pretty well written? You can see who wrote the lyrics. (laughing out loud)

Sohu Entertainment: Is it your favorite song from the new album?

Huang Minghao: No, I like every song.

Sohu Entertainment: It was previously revealed that besides Haku, other songs will also have dances. In the middle of “Dangerous Party”, is there a very burning interlude that is reserved for a big dance?

Huang Minghao: Otherwise? (laugh)

Sohu Entertainment: Do you want to show it now?

Huang Minghao: This…I haven’t made it yet. Let’s just say that I just made up the dance of “WONDERLAND”. Look forward to it.

Sohu Entertainment: Your popularity is very good. I feel that half of the entertainment industry is your good friend.

Huang Minghao: No, no, no, no, it’s all that watch… (laughs) No, no, they’re all good friends.

Sohu Entertainment: Are there any other friends in the circle that you don’t know about?

Huang Minghao: Do ​​you have any friends in the circle that you don’t know about? Who else, I feel like everyone knows my good friends. Don’t everyone know, just Du Hua. (laugh)

Sohu Entertainment: How did you become an expert in communication? Do you have any secret tips for making friends?

Huang Minghao: Listen carefully, it’s very important, first, I’m not a bad person; second, I don’t have any bad thoughts; third, I don’t like to do things; fourth, if it hadn’t really released an album, I wouldn’t either. I will beg you all to tweet me. (laugh)

Sohu Entertainment: Fans want to know when there will be a stage or tour?

Huang Minghao: Let’s just look forward to it. I don’t dare to promise you that I will give you the best I can.

Sohu Entertainment: Some people always say that the internal entertainment stage is too limited. Do you feel unwilling or look forward to it when there is no stage?

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Huang Minghao: I think every step in life is the best arrangement. I think having a stage is my destiny. When there is no stage, I will try my best to do my other things.

Sohu Entertainment: The dance in the practice room also posted on Weibo before. Is this an output when there is no stage?

Huang Minghao: I’m fine. I’m the kind of person who can do whatever I want. I won’t say what to prepare for. I may do it on a whim.

Sohu Entertainment: Is it creating a stage without a stage?

Huang Minghao: Forget it, let’s just say that the practice room is also a stage.

Sohu Entertainment: Now netizens are more concerned about “out of the circle”. Do you feel that it is getting harder and harder for your songs to get out of the circle?

Huang Minghao: I think this is all destiny, and it is also destiny not to be out of the circle. My task is only one, to do my album seriously, to do my music seriously. It’s not out of the circle, how many people like it, whether you like it or not, it’s not something I can control, what I can control is to make this album well.

Sohu Entertainment: Now many Douyin Divine Comedies can be remembered by everyone. Would you like to make some simple brainwashing melodies?

Huang Minghao: HAKUNA MATATA, I have never thought that brainwashing is a bad thing. It means that everyone is brainwashed because they like this thing. So of course I also want to make some songs that everyone likes.

Sohu Entertainment: The pace of the Internet is getting faster and faster, and the audience’s preferences and artists are changing quickly. Do you feel anxious because you say that the “flowering period” of idols is very short?

Huang Minghao: Actually, I’m not very anxious about these things. I don’t think I’m a person who will be affected by the fast pace. I won’t say what to do because of the fast pace. Instead, I like to find a comfortable way in my own rhythm, and I hope everyone will feel that they are also very comfortable after seeing me.

Sohu Entertainment: Some people say that participating in variety shows and filming is to maintain one’s exposure. Only with exposure can you do what you really want to do.

Huang Minghao: I don’t think that way. I seriously think that music, variety shows, and movies are a family and are connected. I also get a lot of inspiration from watching movies when I make music. I think movies also need soundtracks, and whether a movie is good or not has a lot to do with its soundtrack. Variety shows are the same, whether you can let go on the stage, or what output you have on the stage, are inseparable from the music you usually listen to or the movies you watch. I think these three are inseparable, and I say this very seriously . So I think I like all three, and I’m happy doing everything.

Sohu Entertainment: Participated in many variety shows and became everyone’s favorite group time and time again. Do you think you have any physique to be favored?

Huang Minghao: First, I am not a bad person; second, I have no bad thoughts. (laughing out loud)

Sohu Entertainment: Do you feel that you have a sense of variety show and can make everyone get along very well?

Huang Minghao: I think it’s right. It seems that there is nothing wrong with what I said. I think I have a sense of variety show, which may ease some of the embarrassment between everyone.

Sohu Entertainment: “Tan”, who is a big escape from the secret room, often “drags his family with his mouth”. The first episode just aired directly “Two to Four” with Guowei. Is his arm enough?

Huang Minghao: But I am still very happy, because Guowei is there, sharing a lot of pressure on me, I am responsible for brain power, and he is responsible for protecting everyone.

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Sohu Entertainment: Does it arouse your desire for protection when you are timid and screaming? Like holding them in your arms.

Huang Minghao: Say Peng Peng’s name directly, please say Peng Yuchang directly. Do you want to protect Peng Yuchang when you meet him? Surely there will be. In fact, I am also grateful to Peng Peng. I did not expect to see such a protective side of myself.

Sohu Entertainment: Peng Peng wears knee pads. Netizens say that it is his artifact, which is very good. Do you have any artifact for playing in the secret room?

Huang Minghao: I recommend an artifact to everyone, me!

Sohu Entertainment: Can we get the same style?

Huang Minghao: Let’s just say, there is a chance.

Sohu Entertainment: You are not only a “brain man with strength”, but you are also full of sports skills. I would like to ask how you are doing with skateboarding?

Huang Minghao: To be honest, I’m still working hard. Skateboarding is difficult. You can see that I’m also scarred for skateboarding, but I’m very happy. Every time I fall and stand up, I feel very refreshed. A scar is a sign of a man.

Sohu Entertainment: Have you learned any new skills recently?

Huang Minghao: I recently learned to… keep a diary.

Sohu Entertainment: Will your diary be made public?

Huang Minghao: No, when the diary is made public, usually this person may… (laughs) When he may want to make his diary public, he will make it public.

Sohu Entertainment: Earlier in our interview, it was said that it would take ten years to become Eddie Peng. Now two years have passed, how is the progress?

Huang Minghao: Yes, I am strong, I am really strong, I am working hard, my friends. I am now in a very rebellious period, I have to go to bed and get up early every day to keep exercising.

Sohu Entertainment: Then when will you be able to show your muscles?

Huang Minghao: I may not be very good now. If I have one-tenth of Eddie Peng, I would like to show it to everyone, but now I don’t have one-tenth of Eddie Peng.

Sohu Entertainment: I joked before that I could be Wang Hedi’s second male lead. If you think about it, what kind of plot would you set?

Huang Minghao: Is it okay to have any relationship? Then I will play his eldest brother shallowly, and have been silently supporting his eldest brother behind his back.

Sohu Entertainment: Which of the several popular characters do you want to play the most?

Huang Minghao: Quiet boy, do you have this option?

Sohu Entertainment: No. (laughs) First, it is the soft and waxy little milk dog in front of people, and the big wolf dog in the back.

Huang Minghao: It sounds good, isn’t that me.

Sohu Entertainment: Second, he is a genius boy with high IQ; third, he is a domineering group master; fourth, he is a romantic and gentle senior; fifth, he is a funny man.

Huang Minghao: Hahaha, I seem to have no choice but five.

Sohu Entertainment: Do you want to challenge the domineering young master of the group?

Huang Minghao: This time I want to take back everything that belongs to me. right?

Sohu Entertainment: Do you want to try the theme of sister dog love?

Huang Minghao: It depends on the actor in the opposite play.

Sohu Entertainment: Who do you want to play with?

Huang Minghao: Let’s just ask my boss about this. Do I have the right to choose this?

Sohu Entertainment: Is Mi sister okay?

Huang Minghao: That’s great, we really know each other very well.

Sohu Entertainment: I said anyone can do it, right?

Huang Minghao: Dare I say no? This is an interview, everyone will make it public.Return to Sohu, see more


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