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Talk show conference finals open, you need Dangbei F3 to help you immerse yourself in the game_Projector

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Original title: Talk Show Conference Finals is on, you need Dangbei F3 to help you immerse yourself in the game

The fourth season of “Talk Show”, which has been chasing for a whole season, can be regarded as ushering in the final battle. This season’s “Talk Show Conference” is not only a “talk”, but also Xu Zhisheng’s Lu Han’s “Flick Hair”, a comic performance of carnivorous animals with rich body movements, and a talk show OG Zhou Qimo showing the “ventural skills” of drilling the wall, etc., see I’m so addicted, I can’t wait to be able to watch the game in person!

Since there is no chance to be a live audience for such a wonderful program, then an excellent viewing device is indispensable, so that you can feel the tension and fierceness of the finals immersively. Dangbei F3 projector can satisfy your wish. The large screen of more than 100 inches makes the contestants appear to be performing in front of you. In addition, it uses high-fidelity full-range speakers to let you sound on the scene and immerse yourself in the “Talk Show” The passion of the General Assembly.

Dangbei F3 projector can be said to be a perfect device that is full from appearance to performance. Its compact and exquisite shape, simple and smooth body lines, combined with dark gray metallic color matching and matte texture design, can be described as many projectors. The “king of face value” in the ritual is quite in line with the low-key and atmospheric aesthetic needs of contemporary young people. Whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom, it can be integrated with the home, without any sense of disharmony.

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Of course, starting with a projector is not as a display, the appearance of the pass is only the entry barrier, and the perfect performance is the top priority. Dangbei F3 projector adopts a new generation of German OSRAM LED lamp set RGB+B four-channel architecture, which brings up to 2050 ANSI lumens brightness and 1080P true physical resolution. If you want to immerse yourself in the golden sentence of “Talk Show”, Naturally, you can’t be bothered by the picture quality. Even if you want to watch the recording and broadcast repeatedly the next morning, you don’t have to pull up the curtains. The flagship projector is not just for fun.

On the other hand, in order to allow consumers to experience better picture quality performance, Dangbei F3 projector is equipped with a MStar938 flagship chip and MStar Core Turbo true multi-core drive engine. Its powerful performance and 4GB+64GB memory allow Dangbei F3 has unparalleled super performance. Coupled with the blessing of the 4K color engine Pro and HDR10+HLG, the picture is clearer and sharper, and the details are real and distinct. Even the sequins on Yang Li’s clothes are so shining, as if they are within reach. There is also MEMC dynamic compensation with up to 120Hz intelligent frame insertion, which eliminates the smear and jitter of the screen, and it must be quite fun to watch the game.

Many people are still skeptical of projectors, for fear of buying them home and eating ashes. In fact, they are haunting the stereotype of “projection”. However, the power of technology has long endowed Dangbei F3 with an extremely intelligent operating experience. Thanks to the dual TOF+COMS camera algorithm, the Dangbei F3 projector can achieve fast and non-sensing focusing, coupled with the non-sensing automatic keystone correction function, accurately calculates the left and right distance difference in the side projection state, and quickly calculates the amount of keystone change , Make the screen square immediately. Look, is it not troublesome at all!

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Speaking of smart experience, naturally I have to mention the Dangbei OS operating system equipped with the Dangbei F3 projector. Not only does it start up without ads, and the operation is smooth, after entering the homepage, it also has a large amount of entertainment and learning resources built-in, and it also supports Bluetooth remote control, remote control voice and intelligent dialogue. Smooth operating experience, rich system functions, and integration of massive video resources from many well-known video platforms such as iQiyi, Mango TV, Youku, etc. As a smart device, Dangbei F3 projector makes you no longer need to watch videos Time wasting on this matter, click and see, intelligent recommendation, it is so free!

In general, this Dangbei F3 projector has an ultra-high brightness of 2050ANSI, as well as a 4K-compatible 1080P true physical resolution, MEMC dynamic compensation, which can restore true colors and bring an immersive viewing experience. At the same time, the black technology equipped with dual TOF+CMOS modules can greatly increase the speed of non-sensing autofocus and the accuracy of keystone correction, and the built-in Dangbei OS brings super smooth and smooth operation.You can watch “Talk Show Contest” when you turn on the projector. Such a smart and immersive viewing experience, if you are also impressed, you can go there soonDangbei Jingdong self-operated flagship storeLet’s start!Return to Sohu to see more


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