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Teach you beauty | The first trend that must be followed in 2023 is related to flowers | Spice Girls | Flowers | Spring/Summer_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Teach you beauty | The first trend that must be followed in 2023 is related to flowers | Spice Girls | Flowers | Spring/Summer_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original Title: Teach You Beauty | The first must-follow trend in 2023 is related to flowers

Have you seen the beautiful pictures of little freckles wearing corsages at the Golden Globes? The trend of “wearing flowers” has become very popular in the fashion circle recently (by the way, call back our headline today), the editor has previewed a wave before, come and write about it today!

Nicola had her birthday last week, and she sold her boudoir relationship with Silly Face.

But the editor’s focus is on the corsage of her skirt. Although the design of the skirt is simple, the corsage stands out immediately.

Kendou wore the red palm that was “popular” by Loewe last year around his neck, which is so special, so I asked who among you is not confused?

Elsa Hosk, who went to the seaside for vacation, directly put Huahua on her body, it was still tender pink, she was really more delicate than a flower.

The beaver moved the position of the flower to the shoulder strap, a small one is special enough, super fairy!

Bella, who can’t stop playing with the retro style, wore Huahua last summer. The denim hot girl outfit and the black corsage are too crazy!

Sister Pa, another representative of the vintage era, is even more daring, with flowers of different sizes scattered on the skirt, which is extremely charming.

In the past, everyone might think that Dai Hua was old-fashioned, after all, it was a popular trend favored by the older generation. But with the retro style in power, this trend has come back.

If you want to say the woman who can wear flowers the most, you have to look at the following one!

Carrie! The corsage has become her signature item just like the Fendi baguette bag and the Carrie necklace.

In the opening scene of the 2008 movie version, the white flower dress worn by Carrie is also amazing!

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Looking at the 2022 autumn and winter show, Dai Hua is really a big hit.

In the Prada 2023 spring and summer show, huge 3D roses bloomed between the collars, and the romance of fashionable intellectuals is self-evident.

Loewe’s 2023 spring and summer series combines figurative flowers and clothing, and the surreal design is quite playful.

Bottega Veneta’s show is no exception. The flowers bloom on the bags and skirts, and BV is romantic and has no side.

CHANEL discovered the beauty of flowers in the 2022 autumn and winter series. Flowers of different materials are arranged on knitted sweaters, retro and chic.

After talking about so many examples, how should flowers be used in our daily wear, and how to wear them so that they are fashionable and not rustic? The following are the small Tips that the editor summarizes for everyone~

Corsage: Pay attention to the balance of the mother’s man

Celine’s 2020 spring and summer series of men’s clothing provides us with a good idea. A flower is pinned on the suit jacket, which brings a poetic feeling to the stiff silhouette, adding elegance and lightness.

Therefore, after Cool girl has a corsage, she will choose a more manly coat, to have a collision between softness and rigidity.

For example, leather clothes are a good partner for corsages. Leather clothes have a strong masculinity, and after adding corsages, the style will be softer, with both feminine beauty and neutral style.

Another one is suits. A striped suit with leather shoes looks like a business suit, but with the embellishment of a corsage, it immediately becomes fashionable.

The short suit jacket, which is a must for hot girls, has a corsage on it, which adds a sense of luxury and luxury.

The denim jacket is also a representative item of the neutral style, but it can still be played out.Norwegian blogger Nina Sandbech’s set of denim three-dimensional flowers looks fashionable and dramatic enough, and it’s DIY by herself


With the exaggerated boutonniere and white rose Choker blessing, the full set of tannin look has also become soft, maintaining Jenny Walton’s consistent elegance.

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Choker: Versatile and easy to use

In addition to being a corsage, you can also pin the flower on your neck as a choker. According to the editor’s observation, this should be the hottest way to wear it.

Flower choker can be used to match any style, don’t bother to match. You can use it to match a basic white shirt or T-shirt, plus jeans, to escape the daily sense.

What style will become a little more dramatic with the addition of flower choker? Use it with a suit, and the picture is full of tension.

The bigger the flower, the more exaggerated it is. If you are a hot girl who likes sexy European and American style, please try it boldly.

The smaller the flower, the more delicate it is. This kind of unexpected ingenuity will make people feel that you are very fashionable and have a sense of literature and art.

Apart from the ribbon style above, pearl choker and three-dimensional flowers are also popular options.

The warm and elegant pearls and gorgeous flowers will make the style more gorgeous and retro.

Or, just put flowers on your body

Not only accessories, fashionistas will also directly wear three-dimensional flowers on their bodies, which is very romantic and ritual~

The most common style should be flower suspenders. Lily James wore one on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Chicken Feather Show” this year, paired with suit pants, sexy and aggressive.

Jennie, who came to Southeast Asia on her recent tour, also wore two flower suspenders of different colors, both from the spring and summer 2023 model of the Thai brand Sretsis. Isn’t she very youthful and energetic? !

And then there are the dresses, where the placement of the flowers also varies. Elsa Hosk’s set is located on the collarbone and on the side of the crotch. Several flowers are opened, and the eyes are moved to these two places.

This dress has a cross-chest design, and the flowers on the neckline make people look up. Notice whether Elsa’s perfect shoulder line and famous abdominal muscles are gone, so the flower position is best placed on the most prominent part of your figure.

Damei’s dress puts flowers close to her chest, which is very romantic, like a fragrant and blooming red rose.

Finally, a picture of Hailey cosplaying in Halloween is attached. Who wouldn’t want to wear a flower and transform into a flower fairy?

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We have thoroughly studied both the daily version and the horse-grabbing version for you, so please draw inferences and wear flowers in spring.

Image source: Visual ChinaInternet

Edit: Stacy

Written by: Lydia

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