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Textile waste, a pilot collection project from the Ecotessili consortium

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Textile waste, a pilot collection project from the Ecotessili consortium

The supply chain for the collection, reuse and recycling of textile waste is being organized. Waiting to know the operating procedures that will be introduced with the implementing decrees, producers, distributors and importers of textile products are taking action to start a dedicated supply chain. Ecotessili, a consortium created for the management of the end of life of textile products, promoted by Federdistribuzione and by important brands belonging to the Federation of modern distribution and established within the Ecolight System – to which the Ecolight consortia (for the management of WEEE and batteries), Ecopolietilene (for the management of waste from polyethylene goods), Ecoremat (for the management of mattresses and upholstery at the end of life) and the operating company Ecolight Servizi – is at the forefront of this new challenge, with the ‘objective to implement methods of collection of these products that guarantee traceability and environmental circularity, with the maximum possible efficiency.

In the autumn it will give life to a pilot collection project that will see the involvement of companies already involved in the management of discarded textile products, an initiative that will be part of the actions for the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWW), scheduled from 19 to November 27 and dedicated to textile waste.

«Pending the operational framework of reference, the consortium is taking action to identify ways of collecting textiles that can be efficient but above all effective – announces the general manager of Ecotessili, Giancarlo Dezio -. In fact, the first step for a correct management of these types of discarded products, to set up a collection that is widespread and of quality. In collaboration with some important partners, we are working on a pilot project that can trace a path in this new system of collection, reuse, recycling ».

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There are many textile waste in circulation: according to the latest report published by McKinsey, “Scaling textile recycling in Europe – turning waste into value”, every European citizen produces more than 15 kg of textile waste in a year and these mainly have as destination final landfill or incinerator. The Ecotessili consortium is also registering a significant increase in its consortium members.

«It is the tangible sign of the attention that companies in the sector pay to the issue of correct waste management – observes the CEO -. It is an attention that not only responds to the regulatory obligation that entrusts producers and distributors with the responsibility of managing the waste deriving from their products, but is an indication of a growing sensitivity towards environmental issues, in a context of real ecological transition ” .

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