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The 16th free update of “Dragon Ball 2” is officially released-DoNews Game

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The 16th free update of “Dragon Ball 2” is officially released-DoNews Game

Qin Zeyu2023-03-24 11:11:52

[March 24, 2023]Bandai Namco Entertainment announced that the PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/Xbox One/STEAM® version of “Dragon Ball: Different Wars 2” free update 16 will be officially released on March 23. In addition, online events such as the attack mission against the most evil existence “Extreme Cell” will be held at the same time, and the self-created characters of all races will release the new awakening skill “Beast”.

“Dragon Ball: Different Wars 2” free update 16th release promotional video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1TN411K7ht/



Update the content of the 16th bullet for free

In addition to the “beast” of “self-created character awakening skills”, this update also adds many new contents such as “clothing and accessories” and “raid missions”.

■ Self-created character awakening skills: Beast

■ Boss Raid Battle: Unveiled beyond the most vicious transformation! ! (enhanced version of attack), extreme battle! ! , “Extreme Evil” was born! ! , The ultimate mechanical life form! ! Lite, the unprecedented super showdown! lite

■Super Soul: “It’s a superhero”, “I just determined who is the evil one…!”, “Dad, it’s so scary ~ save me ~”, “Damn… If this is the case, let’s make a surprise attack!! “,”…don’t tell everyone”

■Loading screen: Added 51 pictures



■Clothing/Accessories: Ultimate Cell’s Costume/Extreme Cell Outfit


■CC mascots: Pu’er (God of Destruction Beerus color), Dumpling (Emperor color), Majin Puu (Kindness) (Great King God color), Quan Wang (Kamesenryu color), Beikong (Bro Lee color), Xie Nianbo (rib rice color), Fast Dragon (somersault cloud color)



Dragon BallDifferent battles2》Game Introduction

“Dragon Ball: Different Wars 2” is a home console game launched in 2016, and it is also the second work in the “Dragon Ball: Different Wars” series that was launched in 2015.

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In “Dragon Ball: Different Wars 2”, players will enter the world of “Dragon Ball” and fight side by side with Wukong and others to protect the history of the world of “Dragon Ball”. Through the story, training and interaction with super fighters, players can enjoy the world of “Dragon Ball” immersively.

The company actively listened to players’ opinions in the operation of “Dragon Ball: Different Wars 2”, implemented many measures and improved functions, and successfully made this game a work that players from all over the world can play for a long time.

In order to allow players to enjoy this work more, the company will continue to add content that allows players to enjoy the world of “Dragon Ball” immersively, and operate with care to allow players to enjoy more fun.

dragon ball differentwar2 extraother edition for Nintendo Switch》game introduction

“Dragon Ball Fighter 2 Special Edition for Nintendo Switch” supports up to 6 players to play with the adjacent host or network communication function through the unique function of Nintendo Switch™, and cooperate with nearby players to conduct “boss raid” or 3 VS 3 battles . Players can operate the Joy-Con™ according to the icons on the screen, and use Kamehae Qigong and many other cool moves in battle. In addition, Joy-Con™ also supports shared games and battles. As long as players have a Nintendo Switch™, they can engage in 1 VS 1 bloody battles at any time.

Commodity Information

Game Name: Dragon Ball Different Wars 2

Listing date: Available now

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.


平台: PlayStation®4/Nintendo Switch™/Xbox One/STEAM®

Genre: Action RPG

Game subtitles: Simplified Chinese

Copyright notice: ©BIRD STUDIO/SHUEISHA, TOEI ANIMATION ©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

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