Home Entertainment The “Basic Law of Genius” closely explores the innovation of mathematics narrative and clearly leads the positive outlook on life – Teller Report

The “Basic Law of Genius” closely explores the innovation of mathematics narrative and clearly leads the positive outlook on life – Teller Report

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The “Basic Law of Genius” closely explores the innovation of mathematics narrative and clearly leads the positive outlook on life – Teller Report

The growth inspirational drama “Basic Law of Genius” was launched on iQIYI last week. The unique setting of “parallel life in dual time and space” is closely related to the Mathematical Olympiad competition, which has attracted much attention from the beginning of the show.

The play is directed by Shen Yan and starring Lei Jiayin, Zhang Zifeng and Zhang Xincheng. The original work is adapted from the novel of the same name by the Internet writer Chang Er. The IP has high popularity and high evaluation in Jinjiang Literature City, and the Douban score is also as high as 8.6 points. Such a popular novel needs to be adapted for film and television, which naturally attracts the attention of many audiences. After the show started, the controversy surrounding the adaptation of film and television has continued.

The play has a fresh setting of “parallel time and space + love of mathematics”. It tells the story of her daughter Lin Zhaoxi (Zhang Zifeng) who accidentally traveled to 2006 after her father Lin Zhaosheng (played by Lei Jiayin) was injured and exposed to Alzheimer’s disease. After crossing over, Lin Chaoxi found that she had become an orphan growing up in a welfare center, while Lao Lin lived a dashing motorcycle life with his beautiful hair. This difference in life caused by different choices makes Lin Chaoxi want to change the status quo. In order to return to reality, Lin Chaoxi not only started the hilarious “Looking for Dad”, but also tried to win the gold medal in the Olympiad training camp, and started the Olympic Games championship journey with a group of friends.

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The setting of parallel time and space is the main eye of the play. In the story, parallel worlds not only mean two similar but different worlds, but also have mysterious space-time transmission media, and the characters and experiences are also quite different. The adaptation point that attracted much attention from fans of the original book is also here. In the original book, Lin Chaoxi traveled back to the past alone, while in the film and television version, Lin Chaoxi and Ji Jiang (played by Wang Youjun), who was in the Olympics training camp, accidentally traveled together. In the eyes of fans of the original book, this setting of adding characters is a bit superfluous, but from the very flexible performance of the young actor, this new teammate, as a travel partner of Xiaolin Chaoxi, is more intuitive to explain the changes in dual time and space, and also It makes up for the drawbacks that a large number of monologues in the original work are difficult to be filmed.

The love of mathematics is another thread that runs through the series. From the real life of the father and daughter of the Lin family at the beginning, we can see that the father Lin Zhaosheng gave up the opportunity to study abroad in order to take care of his daughter, while the daughter Lin Zhaoxi also bowed to reality and chose to major in philosophy to become a teacher. “Compromise” is their reality. common choice in the world. However, in parallel time and space, Lin Chaoxi found that Lao Lin did not adopt a daughter, but chose mathematics arbitrarily and freely, and Lin Chaoxi in this world also had the opportunity to choose again. The opportunity to re-travel through time and space also requires her to find her love again, and use her love to challenge the natural differences in intelligence.

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The seemingly complicated settings are not tedious in the drama. The drama does not use the dislocation performance of children playing adults, but directly replaces young roles with adults, which is easy to understand in terms of character presentation. In addition to the dual time and space setting, the drama also buries another character’s time-travel clues. Pei Zhi (Zhang Xincheng), the love interest of Lin Chaoxi’s disappearance for four years, also seems to have his own time-travel attributes. The driving effect will also become one of the mysteries to be solved in the future.

At present, the episode has not been aired more than halfway, and it has accumulated a lot of popularity, and the audience has begun to follow the rhythm of the story to become “puzzle solvers” one after another. “Basic Law of Genius” has its own unique theme advantages, and it is also a new step in the exploration of genres for domestic dramas. With the blessing of Lei Jiayin, Zhang Zifeng, Zhang Xincheng and even a group of newcomers and young actors, this slightly brain-burning drama also has a good viewability. The story of “Basic Law of Genius” closely follows the main line of exploring mathematics and chasing love. It also improves the theme of traditional youth dramas. It is full of passionate youth and inspiration, sweeping away the decadence of similar themes. When the audience followed Lin Chaoxi and began to change their concepts and began to understand that “consistent efforts and a life without slack” is the outlook on life that should be chosen, the value guidance provided by this drama will also be revealed. (Text/Reporter Li Xiazhi)

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