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The Evolution of Idol Dramas: An Exclusive Interview with Chen Mingzhang, Director of “You Too Have Today

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The Evolution of Idol Dramas: An Exclusive Interview with Chen Mingzhang, Director of “You Too Have Today

Exclusive Interview with Chen Mingzhang: The Changing Standards of Idol Dramas

China News Service, Beijing, January 22 (Reporter Gao Kai) “You Too Have Today” has garnered attention for its realistic portrayal of relationships and modern storytelling. Director Chen Mingzhang, known as the “Father of Idol Drama,” recently sat down for an exclusive interview with reporters to discuss the changing landscape of idol dramas.

Chen Mingzhang, known for popular dramas such as “The Prince Turns into a Frog” and “Destined to Love You,” highlighted the shift in audience standards for idol dramas. He emphasized that modern audiences prioritize the authenticity and logic of the plot over traditional sweetness and romance.

Starring Chen Xingxu and Zhang Ruonan, “You Too Have Today” takes a fresh approach to the typical boss-employee relationship in idol dramas. The drama follows the story of Qian Heng, a “venomous” lawyer, and Cheng Yao, a newcomer lawyer who become roommates and navigate love and professional challenges.

Chen Mingzhang underscored the importance of creating multi-dimensional characters to avoid clichés. He explained that the growth process of the characters should follow real logic to resonate with the audience. The transition of the protagonists from a domineering little white flower to an evenly matched relationship was meticulously crafted to reflect real love.

In addition, Chen Mingzhang noted the evolving dynamics of relationships in idol dramas, emphasizing the necessity for both characters to work together rather than a one-sided pursuit. This modernized approach to storytelling challenges traditional gender roles in romantic narratives.

Chen Mingzhang also debunked the notion that idol dramas rely solely on sweetness and romance, pointing out that the audience now cares more about the development of the plot and the characters. He stressed the importance of creating authentic, relatable characters to engage the audience.

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Furthermore, “You Too Have Today” delves into the legal world, exploring realistic cases that reflect various social groups. Chen Mingzhang explained that these cases not only add depth to the drama but also impact the emotional development of the protagonists, creating a layered and immersive storytelling experience.

As the standards for idol dramas continue to evolve, Chen Mingzhang’s insightful approach to storytelling in “You Too Have Today” reflects a broader shift in the genre. With its realistic portrayals and multi-dimensional characters, the drama sets a new standard for modern idol dramas.

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