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The forecast for 2024

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The forecast for 2024

at the end of 2023 his crescent And we were in the trend forecasting course of Trendologist Natali Yechatkov. During the course we discovered to our astonishment that it includes personal work and at the end of it the students submit a forecast. What will we do, we wondered (while eating Hagai fig rolls and the bread during the first break). What we always do, we reassured ourselves: reverse engineering.
For example: we can decide that our prediction will focus on this bun and the word we will focus on will be Crust Then we will already find all the information that will lead exactly where we want it to lead.
I am telling you all this so that you do not take this forecast seriously.
This is a consciousness-forming language-style prediction, or manifesting. It’s more what we want to happen than what we predict will happen.
Because, after all, you know that the only forecast you can trust is Whatever will be will be, we will change as needed.
Before looking forward, look back. Or: a reminder of (more) some things that happened in 2023
The coronation of King Charles. The spaceX mirror. Martha Stewart, 81, on the cover of Sports Illustrated. floods. Huge fires. First Arab female astronaut. aliens. Barbie. Oppenheimer. Taylor Swift’s era tour – the show in Seattle causes an earthquake. The highest temperature was measured. Heat waves in the world. Israel – forty weeks of pro-democracy protests. ai overflow and Midgerian imagery. From September 2023 it is allowed to photograph Guernica. The trial of Gwyneth Paltrow. wars Aesthetics of religions. Sofia Coppola publishes an archive book. Generation Z likes books and libraries.
And of course: the seventh in October – the tsunami that will change everything, at least for us.
wishful thinking 2024

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Pattern recognition, stream of consciousness style:
Authentic – the word of the Miriam Webster dictionary for 2023.
Tactile – working with the hands, textures, returning to the sense of touch, the need to feel for yourself that something real is happening in the world.
In art – a return to painting and sculpture, using materials that get dirty from them.
Excursions – trains, wandering on foot.
Grooming – solid products, including shampoo and conditioner.
Design – handwriting, printing on a typewriter.
Natural scents.
Clothes with textures and signs that real people were involved in the process.
Real books (the luxury of the bookcase, Jen Z falls in love with public libraries).
Post Anthropocene era – after we have influenced and destroyed, time for modesty.
Less outsourcing, doing things yourself (also in marketing).
Quiet and quiet luxury in general – a quiet cafe in Tokyo where you are not allowed to speak even to order (you describe to the waiters in a pantomime what you want).
Fewer words and fewer opinions.
Appreciation of human experience – menopause, Silver Fox, generation x celebs, heroes in Kia Picanto driving into the fire.
Return of action.
Return of the facts – A return to existing things in the world, as a sentiment, a basic thing that is not subject to debate.
And in three words: TRUTH, TRUST, TOUCH.

Things that take time and require involvement and human warmth:

Knitting and personal attention. Vest by id.knit.that

A vase that is not only created by hand, but also embraces the whole body. The photo is from the temple of mediclaytion Instagram page

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Handwriting by artist Thomas Lelu that turns into artwork, notebooks and mugs.

Robbie Williams writes on a typewriter and signs with a fingerprint.

Choose the path with the view.

Don’t tell me how old you are, show me. Isabella Rossellini, 71
And Sahar adds:
“All of this reminds me of the book “The Mushroom at the End of the World” whose subtitle, despite the initial depression reflected in it (“On the Possibility of Life in Capitalist Ruins”), provides comfort precisely for the situation we are in today. In the book follows Anthropologist Anna Tessing is looking for a fungus that grows in natural spaces that have undergone pollution and destruction, and through it she seeks to reveal new spaces where unexpected, non-linear encounters take place, realities in liminal areas, on the fringes of civilization. These are spaces that embody duplicity: they are alternative and everyday, they are a product of human destruction But also grow because of them.
Tsing’s mushrooms are a good metaphor for the world of 2024: trying to survive and thrive in a time of uncertainty. ״
Another comforting thing: even in 2024 you can count on his crescent moon to pull out words like ‘liminal areas’.
“In that sense, we have no future. Not in the same sense that our grandfathers had a future, or so they thought. Fully imaginable cultural futures were a luxury of other days, when the ‘now’ had a longer duration. With us, of course, things may change all at once, violently, profoundly, so that the futures, like our grandfathers had, do not have enough ‘now’ to base themselves on. We have no future, because our present is too volatile.’
“The future exists,” Case hears herself say, “and it’s looking back at us. Trying to understand the false image that will remain of us. And from that place, the past behind us will be nothing like the past we imagine behind us now.”
(from the book “pattern recognition” by William Gibson that I read again during the course. Translation: Emmanuel Lotem).
If I wanted to waste your time
Maybe it’s already late
of course

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