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The kid is home again!Animated movie “Swing Detective” releases the ultimate trailer

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Recently, the animated film “Swing Detective” announced the final trailer of the “Little Devil’s Home Again” version. In the trailer, the “Swing” rocking the cradle gathers a group of partners to compete with the kidnappers in the amusement park in order to rescue the boy. Under the embarrassment, people are so happy that they are so happy, and a happy super “urgent” rescue is about to be staged. The film will be released nationwide on July 17.

The final trailer of the “Little Ghost Home Again” version explains the background and characters of the movie: a single little boy in the amusement park was spotted by a premeditated kidnapper, claiming to be a “swing detective” and fantasizing that he is a superhero. Fear of danger, step forward and gather partners to fight the bad guys to fight wits and bravery. An exciting and super “urgent” rescue was staged in the amusement park.

In the trailer, the two kidnappers are under the childishness of the little heroes, and the embarrassing scenes are very pleasant. The roller coaster, 5D theater, Crystal Peak, Ferris wheel, haunted house maze and many other novel and interesting amusement park scenes are turned upside down. In addition, the various facilities in the amusement park also have their own characteristics, such as the sleepwalking uncle train, the arrogant carousel who loves to apply masks, etc., in this super “urgent” rescue. What kind of sparks will it have with the “Swing Detective”?

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“Swinging Detective” is the first animated movie with the theme of children’s protection and companionship and “childhood rocking car” as the protagonist. “Childhood rocking car” is the special childhood mark of countless people, and it also symbolizes the unique memory of children’s growth. Parent company, happy hour.

Accompanied by parents and relatives, riding the cradle and playing in the amusement park was the childhood joy of countless people. Now, the childhood cradle is back on the big screen. It will continue to protect the children like the warm companion of the parents’ affection. Happy childhood.

Earlier, the trailer for the character version of “Swing Detective” released “Insane!” “Gubao” and “The Adventures of the Mysterious World” movie egg, heralding the return of two animated movie sequels.

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