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The metrodelegates began with the subway strike on all lines

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The metrodelegates began with the subway strike on all lines

Los metrodelegados is making this Friday a new subway stoppage which simultaneously affects the all lines as part of a fight plan to demand Buenos Aires government a dialogue table and propose the reduction of the work week due to the asbestos found in the units.

The protest took place, despite the signing of a new salary agreement that was finalized during the development of this Friday morning with the Automotive Tram Union (UTA) and with the Association of Supervisors (ASSRA) before the Undersecretariat of Labor, Industry and trade of CABA. The planned increase consists of a retroactive update to August assets of 13.5%, while dialogue continues to establish the conditions for the coming months.

The Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (AGTPSyP) They will completely paralyze the service this Friday starting at 7 p.m. and the measure of force will end at the time of cessation of movement of the formations. The corporation that brings together the employees alleged that “a hearing was called without the presence of our union and signing an agreement with an organization that does not represent the subway and premetro workers. Given this abrupt decision, we are forced to carry out new self-defense measures”.

What is asbestos, the toxic element that subway workers are complaining about?

Communiqué of the Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (AGTPSyP)

For its part, from the Concessionaire of the Buenos Aires Subway Network (EMOVA) assured that “in the current economic context, salary reviews are continuous and as a result of them, agreements are signed periodically, so this measure is unrelated to the salary problem“.

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Through a statement the metrodelegados They stated that the fight they are fighting is in defense of life and their health, that of their families and that of all users who use the subway and demand that the work week be reduced because it has been proven that the less exposure, the less risk. of getting sick.

What subway lines will be affected?

Which lines will be affected by the subway strike on Friday, September 22?

Las lines that are affected and that stopped working at 7 p.m., marked by the return to work, are: A, B, C, D, E, H and Premetro.

Their interruption was subject to the response of the Undersecretary of Labor of the City of Buenos Airesministerial office must decide whether to receive company representatives to resolve the imminent conflict.

The spokesperson for the metrodelegadosAndrea Salamini emphasized the serious consequences that asbestos has on staff and revealed that “three workers have died, 87 are affected, six have cancer and 2,150 employees are under medical surveillance.”

From the Subway Workers Union Association and the Premetro state that there is a ruling by the Buenos Aires justice system that orders the EMOVA company and the City Government to remove the carcinogenic material from the subway but that at the moment no change of fleets was carried out.

The UBA plans a tram that would replace the postponed subway line F

Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (AGTPSyP

New subway increase: since when it has been in effect and how much it will be

From the Concessionaire of the Buenos Aires Subway Network they criticized the actions of the employees of the sector and maintained that “they deepen the inconveniences for those who need to get around the City.”

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When was the last subway strike carried out by the metrodelegates?

The last cessation of activities by the Union Association of Subway and Premetro Workers (AGTPSyP) had taken place on July 26 due to the lack of responses to their claims and, two months later, the negotiation between the parties has not yet taken place.


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