Home Entertainment The movie “Endless Climbing” Wuhan road show moved infinitely, 92-year-old veteran of the Korean War of Resistance against U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea surging to write poems for the film_TOM Entertainment

The movie “Endless Climbing” Wuhan road show moved infinitely, 92-year-old veteran of the Korean War of Resistance against U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea surging to write poems for the film_TOM Entertainment

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#电影无尽攀登路演# The movie watching scene at Wuhan Station continued to rise. The 90-year-old anti-US Aid Korea veteran improvised poems, sports masters and @火神爷夏伯渝 live PK push-ups, and filial granddaughter delivered steamed meat for 85-year-old grandma. Many audiences are using it. Pay tribute to Xia Boyu in his own way. They were all deeply moved by the movie, because this is not only a 92-minute compulsory course in life, but also a mirror of facing themselves. #电影无尽攀登# will be officially released on December 3!

“I want to recommend to my foreign students to let them feel the power of China” The road show of the movie “Endless Climbing” Wuhan Station Xia Boyu was very moved

The movie “Endless Climbing” Wuhan Roadshow is infinitely moved 92 The heart of a year-old veteran to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea composes poems for the movie

The film “Endless Climbing”, which records the forty-three years of Chinese legless mountaineers chasing their dreams and reaching the summit of Mt. On November 20th, the protagonist Xia Boyu, producer Liu Kailuo, and producer Ke Qingfeng rushed to Wuhan to experience the majesty of Mount Everest and Xia Boyu’s determination to never give up in the face of difficulties. On the same day, the audience praised the shocking Mount Everest and the infinite touch brought by the film, and it was a surprise that Xia Boyu gave a gift prepared by himself. A mountaineering enthusiast said, “I’ve been to the 5200-meter camp and failed to reach the summit, so this time I came to realize my dream.” A teacher who taught foreign students choked up and said that because her mother’s legs and feet were inconvenient, she took her mother’s Looking forward to watching the film, she was shocked after watching the film. She will recommend the film to all her foreign students, hoping that they will feel the power of the Chinese people in the film.

The movie “Endless Climbing” is produced by Wu Jing and Guo Fan, with Liu Kailuo as the producer, Ke Qingfeng as the producer, Ye Junce is directed, and Ye Luchang is edited. The film truly records the unremitting perseverance of Chinese legless mountaineer Xia Boyu for forty-three years. With love, the story of the ultimate success of climbing Mount Everest five times with a pair of prosthetic limbs, the film will be officially released on December 3.

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92-year-old veteran and medical staff of the Korean War to Resist U.S. Aid and Aid Korea were impressed by the summit Xia Boyu: Support and encouragement from family members is the driving force behind dreams

The local audience in Wuhan also carefully prepared a lot of meaningful gifts. A young girl presented a map of Mount Everest that she drew for Teacher Xia; a 92-year-old veteran of Anti-US Aid Korea was very moved after watching the movie, and the scene was for Teacher Xia. Compose a poem “The secret of success lies in strong will”; an old lady personally made a hometown dish “rice noodle meat” and the granddaughter gave it to Teacher Xia. Ms. Xia was very excited to see “rice noodle meat” and said it was It was a main dish in the family during the New Year holidays. It also humorously stated that when I climbed the highest peak of South America in 2019, Aconcagua, I was two hundred meters away from the summit, but ultimately failed. If I could eat rice noodles and meat at that time, maybe Can rush to the top in one breath. There were also young spectators and Teacher Xia pk push-ups, and the audience cheered for the two “athletes”.

At the post-screening meeting, a climbing enthusiast said that she had also been to the 5,200-meter mountain base camp of Mount Everest, and she had also been to the southern slope of Mount Everest. She was particularly moved by the familiar scene in the movie, she said with a smile “I don’t think I can reach 8848 meters in my life, so I came to realize my dream today. What touched me most about the film is the scene where your relatives and friends in the base camp beat the gongs and drums for you after your successful summit, because we are here Those who were waiting at 5,200 meters saw their relatives and friends successfully climbed to the top and successfully triumphed. We are actually the happiest of all.” At the same time, she also asked Teacher Xia how to maintain such a good marriage relationship for decades, so that the family members So support Teacher Xia’s dream? Teacher Xia replied with a smile: “I thank my wife and children first, and then I thank myself, because I have a good vision and found such a good wife. We understand and support each other and tolerate each other.” The local medical staff in Wuhan also came. At the scene of the movie, I was very touched. At the moment when Teacher Xia succeeded in reaching the top, tears could not stop flowing. Teacher Xia’s never giving up spirit also inspired them, and they will work harder and live harder. After the road show, Mr. Xia and the runners jogged for ten kilometers along the beautiful Hankou River Beach. He said that this is a daily persistence, and it is these small persistence that have been helping him and supporting him to fulfill his dream.

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Age cannot limit the heart to pursue dreams “Endless Climbing” Let young people find their goals, let foreigners feel the power of China

The movie “Endless Climbing” not only shows Xia Boyu’s persistence and desire for dreams, but also reflects the perception of life that as long as there is a dream, it is never too late. When asked what he thinks of the lives of other peers, Xia Boyu said that as an elderly person, his lifestyle should be rich and colorful, as long as he finds what he likes, he said with a smile: “It’s just that there are fewer people climbing at my age. , You will feel envious. If all the elderly are climbing Mount Everest and there is only one person dancing the square dance, then the square dance will be envied. The key is not what you do, but you have to choose what you like to do. “Teacher Xia’s answer won applause from the audience.

A teacher who teaches foreigners choked and shared her experience of watching the movie. Her mother regretted not being able to come to the scene because her legs and feet were inconvenient. After watching the movie with her mother’s expectations, she has been reflecting on how What can I do in more than 40 years? Teacher Xia spent more than forty years to complete a passion, which shocked and touched her very much. She felt that she had to find a goal she liked and moved forward without fear of difficulties. At the same time, she would recommend the film. Give your own foreign students, let them feel the power of the Chinese. Another kid at the scene asked the question in his mind: “Grandpa Xia, were you afraid when you climbed the last few hundred meters?” Teacher Xia kindly replied, “Actually, there is no fear at that height, because you have already It’s only a little bit to see the top, and I am very happy. You will only think about how to persevere and finally rush to the top.”

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The movie “Endless Climbing” is produced by Liu Kailuo, directed by Ye Junce, produced by Ke Qingfeng, produced by Wu Jing, Guo Fan, and edited by Ye Luchang. It is edited by Beijing Shiguangchunyu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Dengfeng International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Guo Fan ( Produced by Beijing) Film Co., Ltd.; Beijing Jiannon Sporting Goods Co., Ltd., Beijing Huangren Cultural Creative Co., Ltd., Fishman (Beijing) Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Beijing Keli Minxiang Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kuanyu Digital Technology Co., Ltd. It is jointly produced by the company, Shanghai Yimei Xinghai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Daan Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and Ningbo Hele Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and released by Shanghai Yimei Xinghai Film and Television Media Co., Ltd., and will be released nationwide on December 3.


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