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The movie “One Day Only Belongs to Us” released a sadomasochistic clip Wang Zulan was sick and “roared” Ah Sa_TOM Entertainment

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The movie “One Day Only Belongs to Us” released a sadomasochistic clip Wang Zulan was sick and “roared” Ah Sa_TOM Entertainment

Directed by Li Min, produced by Qiu Litao and Shao Jianqiu, starring Wang Zulan and Ah Sa Cai Zhuoyanlove movieonly our day“Today released the “Love Gradually Frozen” poking tear clip. In the clip, Mosaic (played by Wang Zulan) who suffers from “gradual freezing” loves Angelfish (played by Cai Zhuoyan), but the aggravation of his condition makes him irritable and abnormal. look. “Should you be dignified and keep your best side in the face of relationships? Or should you cherish every second you can spend together?” This emotional issue derived from the clip also sparked heated discussions among netizens. A beautiful love story of deep love, on the 22nd Tuesday of the first month of February 22, 2022, waiting for you to see.

The movie

In the face of illness, Wang Zulan reluctantly parted with Cai Zhuoyan’s sincere response and resonated strongly

In the clip of “Frozen in Love” released today, it records the intertwined images of Mosaic, an urban sketcher who suffers from “gradual freezing”, and the sadomasochistic angelfish who volunteers to take care of him. Mosaic played by Wang Zulan in the film has liked her primary school classmate Angelfish since she was a child. After learning that her time was short, she bravely confessed to Angelfish, fulfilling her romantic wish of “one-day couple” and leaving behind the most beautiful things in her life. recall. But when his “ALS” became more and more serious, facing the angelfish who took the initiative to take care of him, he yelled for her to leave: “I don’t want miracles, I don’t want you, I don’t even want myself. “. And Angelfish, played by Cai Zhuoyan, has quit her job and said firmly, “In sixty days, you may not be able to eat; in ninety days, you may not be able to speak; in more than half a year, You may not be able to breathe on your own; then I will take care of your last breath.” The self-defeating Mosaic is not difficult to face himself, but it is difficult to accept the embarrassment in front of the person he loves. Everyone hopes to be able to meet love in the most perfect state, but can the reality really do so? This also aroused the lament of netizens. The dilemma of Mosaic in the movie is also a dilemma that many people have personally experienced in love.

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The movie

Through the roles of Mosaic and Angelfish, Wang Zulan and Cai Zhuoyan perfectly interpreted a love story of mutual redemption. Netizens sighed with emotion, “You can be so desperate to love someone”, “this is the power of love”, and called “too cruel” Now, hit the tears!” Charlie Choi’s determination to stick to the end for love also won praise from netizens, and everyone said that this is the strongest state of a girl when facing love. To be firm in love and to face difficulties in love bravely is also the emotional point of the movie that resonates deeply with many female audiences.

The movie

Dream schedule sweet book “love” the most day still believe in love

The movie “A Day That Only Belongs to Us” will be released nationwide on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. There are 9 2s on this day. It is the day with the most “love” that is rare in a thousand years. Many couples have made an agreement early on. To watch a movie that only belongs to two people on that day, “There are many romance films this year, but this one we must not miss” “It happens to be the time we are together, it’s all love”. Seeing the romantic love of Mosaic and Angelfish redeeming each other, the audience said, “You can always believe in love!” “There will always be someone who travels through mountains and rivers to come for you” “Good love never has to weigh the pros and cons.” I hope that everyone who has watched the movie can firmly believe in love and firmly protect their loved ones!

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The movie

The movie “One Day Only Belongs to Us” is produced by Emperor Pictures Co., Ltd., starring Wang Zulan and Asa Cai Zhuoyan. It will be released on February 22, 2022. On the day of “love the most”, watch it with the person you love the most “Only our day”!

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