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The nonsensical comedy movie “The Bottomless Pit of Laughter” is set for 619 trailers for the first laugh and a summer jqknews

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The nonsensical comedy movie “The Bottomless Pit of Laughter” is set for 619 trailers for the first laugh and a summer jqknews

The fantasy comedy film “The Bottomless Pit of Laughter” produced by Xiangshan Boyunjianri Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., Xingli Hailan (Shanghai) Culture Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing Chuangci Space Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. is scheduled to be released on June 19th on iQIYI Exclusive broadcast. With Hong Bo as director and chief screenwriter, Zhang Li as chief planner, Zhou Yingbing, Wei Yun, and Tian Hongshuo as producers, actor Wang Ning plays Tang Seng, An Weiling plays heroine Xiaobai, Song Xi plays Sun Wukong, and Sang Ping plays Ba Jie, Li Yu plays Sha Seng, Xue Wen plays Xiaohong, and Aniu, a million-dollar celebrity on Douyin, plays a special role.

subvert the traditional imaginationRefresh nonsense comedy

The film uses nonsensical narrative techniques and diversified lens performance to retell the story of “Four Exploring the Bottomless Pit” in the famous novel “Journey to the West”. The kind-hearted rat spirit (Xiao Bai) was beaten to the mortal world for stealing Buddha’s headlamp oil. Because he was taken care of by Jin Chanzi, the second disciple of Tathagata Buddha, he was deeply in love with him and wanted to cultivate immortality again and continue his career, but he was in many difficulties. Right and wrong, right and wrong, great love collides with true feelings, the original collides with farce, comedy elements are the seasoning, and create new tricks for classic IP!

The nonsensical comedy movie

The exposed pilot trailer also let everyone see the new look of Journey to the West for the first time. Tang Seng (played by Wang Ning), who is dressed in cassocks, a serious and funny man, Wukong (played by Song Xi) who returned to the west from Tazhai, Bajie (played by Sang Ping), a big man, and Sha Seng (played by Li Yu), the cook, form the strongest contrast. The combination, laughing all the way to break the peace of the border country. “Yang Qi is rising” and “We have beautiful girls all over the world here”. From the words in the trailer, it can be seen that the “words of tigers and wolves” of this movie are emerging one after another. Peking Opera, gunfights, RPG, kickboxing, radio gymnastics, various skills in a series, soul torture one after another, don’t miss this kind of nonsense comedy when you pass by!

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The nonsensical comedy movie

If you are a senior user of Douyin, you may be familiar with the rat spirit who used singing instead of speaking in the trailer. He is Aniu, who has over 300 million clicks on Douyin with his song “Knife Killing Pigs”, and the image of a contractor is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. This time, he is specially invited to appear as the butler of the bottomless pit, which will definitely bring different surprises to this fantasy costume movie!

The nonsensical comedy movie

Love and hatred are indescribableDilemma of love since ancient times

Everyone has always been saddened by Wukong Zixia’s love, or laughed at Bajie’s lovesickness for Chang’e, but no one has ever cared about Tang Seng’s love and hatred. In fact, on the way to learn scriptures from the West, I also encountered many monsters who covet the “beauty” of Tang monks. It can be seen in the preview that this time, the four sons of Journey to the West will rarely meet a fairy who can’t eat Tang Seng’s meat just for the sake of Tang Sengyang. Even Tang Seng took the initiative to stretch out his hand to let the demon eat his own flesh, “Are you a demon, don’t you even know how to eat meat?” Facing the torture of Sanzang’s soul, the fairy Xiaobai seemed a little hesitant. In the face of Xiaobai’s deep love, how will Tang Seng decide? The sentence at the beginning of the trailer, “Good and evil are always in one thought, abandon the ego and go to the West” may tell everyone the answer. But how will the love between these two people develop in the past and present? Or wait for the feature film to go live, and find the answer in the film.

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The nonsensical comedy movie

What wonders will the Master and Apprentice of Journey to the West encounter in the small border country? How will the love between Tang Seng and Xiaobai be decided? Summer is coming soon, and the season of tumbling heat waves needs some laughter, so let “The Bottomless Pit of Laughter”, which will be launched on iQIYI on June 19, will bring you a happy summer vacation and a summer of laughter!

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