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The political repercussions for the death during the police repression in the Obelisk

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The political repercussions for the death during the police repression in the Obelisk

The death of photojournalist Facundo Molares after being detained by the City Police this Thursday in a mobilization at the obelisk quickly caused a wave of messages in repudiation to the actions of the Buenos Aires security force.

Social Organizations, unions y leaders A large part of the political arc demonstrated after the death of the 47-year-old photojournalist, who participated in the march that was taking place this afternoon in downtown Buenos Aires.

“We repudiate the repression of the Larreta police and the murder of fellow photojournalist Facundo Molares. In video images you can see molars being brutally suffocated against the floor by a city policeman. We demand justice and a firm condemnation of those responsible for materials and politics. We stand in solidarity with his family and his colleagues,” they said in a statement from the Argentine Federation of Press Workers (Fatpren).

In the same sense, the Buenos Aires legislator and presidential candidate of the Left Front and Workers, gabriel solanowho posted a message on his Twitter account confirming the death of Morales.

“Unfortunately it is confirmed that compañero Facundo Molares was murdered. The responsibility lies with the government@horaciolarreta and his police. We demand trial and punishment of those politically and materially responsible for this crime,” the applicant wrote.

“The brutal actions of the Larreta police ended the life of Facundo Molares. Our greatest repudiation of this new state crime promoted by those who encourage repression and the criminalization of protest. Punish those responsible. Immediate release of the detainees,” wrote the other presidential candidate from the front, Myriam Bregman.

The news of the death of Molars is given days before the elections are held STEP this Sunday and after the crime of Morena in Lanúswhich forced the cancellation of most of the campaign closures scheduled for this Thursday.

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Pronouncements of the majority of the leadership and candidates for the elections are expected in the next few hours.

One dead during the police repression in the Obelisk: repercussions in Neuquén

On the other hand, at the regional level and in Neuquén, also different organizations and unions, in addition to leaders, expressed their repudiation of the actions of the Buenos Aires Police and they announced that a mobilization will take place this Friday, in the center of the provincial capital.

“We repudiate this brutal repression and the murder of compañero Facundo, at the hands of the police from Larreta, Kicillof and the national government who gave the order to repress, and we call a retreat, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with perseverance, to participate in the mobilization called by the Multisectorial de Neuquén”, ATEN capital published in a statement, which was accompanied by other sectors and groups of the Left.

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