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The quick-change caravan that doubles the available space

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ROME – The compact studio apartment opens its mouth and turns into a palace. It is not a mirage but a dream caravan called “Whale Trailer Cabin” and is the result of the creative flair of a young Chinese designer who designed it to meet the needs of an increasingly “en plein air” life desired by his compatriots. . The basic winning idea, which made it successful even before its realization, is that of an extremely light and easily transportable modular structure capable of doubling the available space through an ingenious sliding system on specific guides.

In the intentions of its designer, the original caravan, which owes its name to the resemblance to the large aquatic mammal (whale = whale), can also be towed by a multifaceted ATV, a quadricycle that can then be used for excursions into the wildest nature. On the other hand, the Whale Trailer Cabin is equipped with only one axle and when it is completely closed it can be transported with great ease even by a not too powerful vehicle.

Once the desired destination has been reached, as if by magic, the rear part opens letting a bedroom module slide, complete with large windows on both sides and an upper pop-up curtain that allows you to stand comfortably. The central body that serves as a living room is also equipped with a large upper veranda that can accommodate a second double bed. The solution of the kitchen module is also original, which in good weather can be slid out, while the side door, thanks to the downward opening, becomes a practical dining table.

There is also a bathroom complete with everything with a lot of opaque glass to respect the necessary privacy. In the intentions of the Chinese designer, the Whale Trailer Cabin should be able to comfortably accommodate four people and even if at the moment the details of the structure have not been disclosed, nor the date of its mass production, the originality of the project has earned him. winning the prestigious Red Dot Award for design.


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