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The revolution of bioethanol, the fuel that reduces emissions by 75%

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The revolution of bioethanol, the fuel that reduces emissions by 75%

The increase in the price of fuels has made the need for Italy to increase its autonomy in the sources of energy supply even more urgent. By focusing above all on renewable ones, without which any plan to decarbonise transport becomes a chimera. A path that could be accelerated by the use of advanced bioethanol, which is produced in Italy from agro-food waste, is a 100% renewable biofuel and can be mixed with petrol without any need for interventions on the cars in circulation up to at least 10%, and is capable of reducing emissions by at least 75% compared to fossil fuels.

But even more important is the potential impact that bioethanol, in the face of a certain demand of at least 10% in gasoline and a strategy of public incentives, could have on employment in Italy by 2030: 16,000 new jobs. in industry and 30,000 in the agricultural chain. Obtained thanks to the construction of at least 15 new plants and the consequent mobilization of approximately 1.5 billion euros of investment. This without considering the possibility of using part of the more than 3 million hectares of inactive land in Italy to cultivate the raw material for the production of advanced bioethanol.

The turning point of biofuels. This is why it is an opportunity not to be missed

by Fabio Earrings

December 21, 2021

In recent days, AssoDistil, the National Association of the distillation industries of spirits and spirits, has been rattling off these data, which dedicated a workshop precisely to the role that bioethanol can play in sustainable mobility. With the RED (Renewable Energy Directive) 2, implemented in December by Italy, and the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) of 2020, gasoline, diesel and methane suppliers will have to achieve by 2030 a quota at least equal to 16% of renewable sources on the total of fuels released for consumption and our country has introduced a progressive obligation of biofuel mixed with petrol equal to 0.5% in 2023 and 3% in 2025. And, since today bioethanol is probably the only biofuel that can be mixed with petrol, AssoDistil estimates that the adoption of this standard could result in a share of this product equal to at least 55ktonn / a in 2023 and 320 ktonn / a in 2025 and which will replace an equal amount of fossil sources.

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Furthermore, according to the Association of Distillers, the immediate use of bioethanol together with other biofuels and renewable energies to be developed in the coming years will be fundamental for the achievement of the EU objectives of reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030. But still in the face of the introduction of the minimum obligation of blending bioethanol with petrol starting from next year and, despite the Italian technological leadership, the bioethanol produced today in our country is mainly destined for neighboring European markets (Switzerland and France). This is why AssoDistil asks that Italy, aligning itself with what has already been done by the major European countries, finally adopts a policy of strong support for the production and consumption of sustainable bioethanol and for the development of its supply chains. Also through a tax audit.

” The excise duties imposed on beethanol – explained the director of AssoDistil Sandro Cobror – are inexplicably equated to those of petrol, which are among the highest of all the fuels on the market. We hope for a review that takes into account the environmental impact of individual fuels, according to the principle the polluter pays more. Finally, as an association, we ask for support for investments in plants for the production of advanced bioethanol and a streamlining of bureaucracy ”.

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