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The Rise of Paid Performances in the 2024 Spring Festival, and the Explosive Influence of “Mother-In-Law Drama”

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A new sensation in the world of entertainment – the explosion of paid dramas in the 2024 spring season.

“The original thought was that there were a lot of dramas to choose from, but now we can’t even keep up.” This spring, the theater discusses topics from the busy streets of the city to the rural countryside. Many young people who have had a busy city life for a year are finding common ground with the older generation living in the countryside.

As a result, there’s been a significant increase in the number of viewers, with the highest daily consumption of dramas expected to break a billion this year, totaling an astounding 8 billion yuan. The statistics show that during the spring season, there has been a 41% increase in drama releases compared to previous years, contributing to the surge in this form of entertainment.

The hit drama series, “Zero Hour Mother,” has become a major hit, with the highest ever investment reaching 20 million yuan. Due to the overwhelming demand, there have been reported incidents of server crashes.

The producer behind this ground-breaking production is none other than Ma Rongye. This series has taken the world by storm and has led to the release of several other successful productions including “The Black Flower Rises in Your Hand,” “The Black Woman’s Helper,” and “Sister Wu, the Amazing Godmother.”

With the saturation of movies and the decline in television companies, watching dramas has become a major pastime for many during the spring season. The phenomenon raises the question of whether the commercial atmosphere is changing.

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“Zero Hour Mother” is undoubtedly capturing the audience’s attention with 82 episodes averaging about 2 minutes each, making it equivalent to a full-length movie.

To attract users, platforms usually offer the first 10 episodes for free. The drama has piqued the interest of many renowned industry experts and has become a major talking point on social media platforms.

Furthermore, the remarkable production quality and lead actors have prompted a significant rise in their earnings. It is anticipated that the stars’ salaries have increased by 3-5 times the original amount.

The compelling plot and engaging characters are captivating audiences and have become a major selling point. The drama’s story has captivated the attention of many industry professionals and has been a hot topic on many social media platforms.

The release of “Zero Hour Mother” has caused a sensation among the audience, leading to intense speculation about the series.

According to the statistics, the drama series has garnered a massive 6 billion engagements and has propelled the lead actress Te Zhiwen’s fanbase to over 300,000.

After the release of “Zero Hour Mother,” Ma Rongye’s team has also launched “The Black Flower Rises in Your Hand,” and it has quickly become a hit. These releases have generated considerable buzz, especially among the fans of the leading actress Te Zhiwen.

The drama “Zero Hour Mother” is a turning point in the entertainment industry. Its short production time of only 10 days brought in 8 million in revenue. This extraordinary success is due to a meticulous script and production process created by Ma Rongye himself.

The drama industry is growing rapidly, and the 2024 spring season will undoubtedly mark a new peak. However, only time will tell how the market and the dramas themselves will evolve.

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