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the sea lion vs the conger

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the sea lion vs the conger

Since he decided to dedicate his professional life to diving in the Atlantic Ocean facing Puerto Madryn, Raúl lives the routine of the extraordinary in this paradise of Patagonia, Here, on the Chubut coast, their days are spent among whales that pass by, dolphins that follow the boat and jump a handful of meters away, and sea elephants that stare at the camera, among other wonders of nature. For example, you can take a dive in search of the fruits of the depths or embark with tourists to snorkel and get closer to the most affectionate gang of sea lion pups. But there is always room for one more surprise.

The sea lion vs the conger

And if not, look at what happened on Thursday, when he submerged in Punta Este with his son Ezequiel, who follows in his footsteps. In addition to that joy, another was waiting for him at a depth of about nine meters; see a conger, that snake shaped fish which is not often observed although it lives in these waters. “That’s why every time we see one we get happy,” says Raúl.

The conger passed close to them and sought refuge at the bottom of the sea. The two divers quickly understood why: immediately a sea lion appeared, its predator. There was Raúl with his underwater camera turned on.

Surely you saw those amazing videos of orcas beaching to hunt wolves at another point on the Chubut coast in Valdes Peninsula. For them, it was time to witness a reversal of roles. The sea lion prowled the cave in the sandbank where the conger eel had taken refuge, which was too small for it.

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What follows is the story of Raúl, still amazed. «The conger eel was in the cave, the wolf saw it and went to get it out. He was able to do it and then we saw several bites on both sides, because the conger eel is also strong. In the end, the battle was won by the wolf«.

After posting the video, there was a barrage of thumbs up and red hearts. Among the comments, a word, an idea, was repeated: “A privilege to see that«. Raúl knows this and that is why he begins each day imagining what new wonder awaits him.

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