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Ecuador will participate in the International Biennial of Crafts and Creation in France – Diario La Hora

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Ecuador will participate in the International Biennial of Crafts and Creation in France – Diario La Hora

One of the four representative projects will be that of the Kichwa women of Pastaza. (Photo: Ministry of Culture)

This will be the first time that the country has representatives in this international event.

QUITO. – Ecuador will participate for first time at Révélations, the International Biennale of Crafts and Creation, which will take place in Paris, from June 7 to 11, 2023reported the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

Los artists and craftsmen who will participate in this event are beneficiaries of the promotion lines of the Institute for the Promotion of Creativity and Innovationentity attached to the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

The work of the visual artist Pamela Suasti, the architect and sculptor Andrés Aguirre; the visual artist and sculptor Damián Sinchi and the project of Women Artisans of the Canelos Kichwa Communities were the proposals selected for the curatorial concept of the Inter-American Center for Popular Arts and Crafts (Cidap).

On the whole, will present to the world the biodiversity of Ecuador, as a proposal for synergy between nature, art and craftsmanship, says the Ministry in a statement.


It details that Suasti explores the Ecuadorian jungle and reformulates it in creations on felt and fabrics with vegetable fibers, while Aguirre represents in his wood and metal sculptures the animals that reside in the Pululahua Geobotanical Reservelocated in the Ecuadorian Sierra.

For his part, Sinchi exhibits in wood the diversity of the Coast and Galapagos regionsassociated to his work with traditional sounds and rhythms of Ecuador.

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Las Kichwa craftsmen, from the Kichwa Canelo People, deposit their worldview and traditions in the mukawascreated in ceramics and painted with her own hair as a brush, to generate a plural collection that evidences the intangible wealth of Ecuador’s craft knowledge.

Biodiversity and art

The biodiversity of Ecuador and its four regions is reflected in the works of artists as a reminder to resume the link with nature, one’s own environment and the organic relationship between human beings and the various geographies, indicates the Ministry.

He adds that the jungle, the snow-capped mountains and the ocean, generators of cultural identity and source of original materials, promote the creation of these artistic proposals that include ancestral techniques and the use of native materials to emphasize the attachment and appropriation of the environment and popular culture.

For Gabriela Vázquez, director of Cidap, this is a great opportunity to disseminate and show the cultural and heritage wealth of Ecuadorthrough handicrafts.

For her part, the Minister of Culture and Heritage, María Elena Machuca, highlighted that, with her creativity and talent, artists and artisans place the country in the eyes of the world.

Participation receives support from public and private institutions such as the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries, the French Embassy, ​​the Cuenca-Ecuador French Alliance, Cidap and the Ministry of Culture. EFE

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