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Break the micro-trafficking chain

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Break the micro-trafficking chain

Have you really stopped to think about where the coins you hand out on the street are going to end up? Because the merchants, the Metropolitan Police and the mayoralties did, therefore for several weeks it is common to find near the cash registers or on the tables of commercial establishments the flyer that explains the evil done by those who deliver a return with the purpose of a street inhabitant to consume food.

The different entities have determined that one of these people uses their money the least is to buy food, because they also give it to them as gifts, along with clothes and even a blanket. The street inhabitant begins to walk the streets after 10:00 in the morning, at that time he gets those who drink onces to give them paint and bread and they can have breakfast up to three times.

When they feel satisfied they arrive at the jíbaro’s sector or now that micro-trafficking has become a traveling business, the jíbaro locates the street dweller, whoever doesn’t want to have to buy the doses or look for another sector to be, that’s how the business works.

Campaign in Dosquebradas.

organized merchants

In various days in the establishments, especially food, the members of Pereira Segura have organized brigades in which they explain to employees, administrators, owners and clients, the importance of not handing out alms or food.

The issue with food is the following: when the mental alienation is very high, the person is not able to measure the force or think about the consequences of their actions, therefore it is when you appreciate in the Center, that the so-called ‘crazy’ they take a little of what they are given in the Styrofoam and the rest they throw at an unsuspecting passer-by or at the doors or windows of a store.

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The above at best. Because it is well known that some jíbaros exchange food for doses, so when you say to the waiter: “give him something that I will pay for”, it is better that you think twice. And perhaps you have noticed that when someone offers you a drink, do you open it up one at a time? This to avoid being traded for drugs or sold for the same purpose.

merchants campaign

The bells

The Government Secretariats of Santa Rosa de Cabal and Dosquebradas lead these initiatives in their municipalities, while Meper does the same, in Pereira, according to what they explained from the Government, it is the Social Development Secretariat and the merchants also have their own. In Dosquebradas they will go further, the Secretary of Government Juan Carlos Sepúlveda said: “The Public Order Committee not only approved flyers, also go. I am one of those who personally campaign.”

It is no secret to anyone that many of the homeless inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area today have arrived from other parts of the country without knowing for sure who ordered them to be brought, but the fact is that they make transits from La Virginia and Dosquebradas to Pereira or vice versa. That it would have been much more effective if there was only one steering wheel after a consultation, is clear, but at least each one on their own is concerned and attends to the very root of the problem.

Campaign in Santa Rosa de Cabal.

What is the theme of almsgiving in your local?

Gina Rueda – owner

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“In 22 years you see so many things! At some point we put up signs, but some customers didn’t like it. When they stop hindering the entry if we have to tell them to withdraw, it has been a great fight and this campaign seems great to me, we cannot pander that money for more vice ”.

Carlos Rodríguez – administrator

“The merchants’ campaign passed here three days ago, they gave us exact and timely information. Giving alms is supporting what happens on the street. When the inhabitant stands at the door, we tell him to stand aside, because he is also a human being.

Alberto Mejía – employee

“We should not give alms or food to the homeless, so that we end this scourge. I’ve seen when they come out with the food from here and sell it a block away, don’t even mention the money. I agree with posting the flyer in full view of everyone”.

Meper campaign

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